Verizon Slams RIM Over BlackBerry OS 6

by Jordan Richardson on December 7, 2010

Waterloo’s Research In Motion certainly isn’t winning many friends in the wireless sector as of late. Analysis of their future is slipping and recent reports out of the Verizon camp have added more fuel to the fire.

According to analyst Shaw Wu, Verizon’s inside dialogue with respect to RIM’s BlackBerry OS 6 is that it has “no material value.”


With word of this coming out, it’ll be interesting to see how Verizon sizes it up. It’ll be even more interesting to see how RIM sizes it up, but one thing at a time. For Verizon, it’s clear that they are trying to distance themselves from from the BlackBerry product and its new OS. Even with relatively good reviews, BlackBerry OS 6 seems to be something the telecom giant doesn’t want much to do with if it can help it.

Wu’s analysis goes on to note his Verizon insiders as saying that BlackBerry OS 6 won’t be the “saviour” that RIM wants it to be. This has to sting with RIM’s recent difficulties with slipping market share. Verizon’s relentless backing of Android and Apple has been well-documented, too, so their cold shoulder to the Canadian company shouldn’t surprise anyone.

In my view, 2011 will be a make-or-break year for the Waterloo company. An awful lot is riding on the upcoming PlayBook, due out in the spring, so any uneasy relationship with Verizon could create some difficulties on that front. If this attitude towards BlackBerry OS 6 persists towards the release of the PlayBook, it’s hard to imagine RIM counting on Verizon for much by way of “material support.”

Some have noted that Verizon has been backing away from BlackBerry products for some time now, with the pulling of the Storm 9570 possibly generating some bad blood. If their relationship has been chilling, it’ll be difficult for RIM to hope for too much out of Verizon as the spring PlayBook release looms.

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