LG Confirms Rumours of Super Slim “B” Smartphone

by Matt Klassen on December 20, 2010

LG's B smartphone (middle)

In the mobile market competitive advantage means everything. Companies routinely employ stringent information lockdown procedures around their latest R&D projects in an effort to keep their competitors out of the loop, allowing companies to gain an edge in the market with their new technology.

This past week smartphone manufacturer LG unveiled its newest Android smartphone, the next generation dual core Optimus 2X, a powerful phone that unfortunately didn’t remain in the limelight for long, as hours later a story broke that LG already had another Android phone in the works, simply called the LG ‘B’ smartphone, aphone rumoured to be the slimmest and brightest on the market.

So with LG’s marketing team focusing on the upcoming Optimus 2X, you would naturally expect the company to pull out the ubiquitous “no comment,” or to simply remain silent on the issue, but LG, believe it or not, decided to take another route; setting the blogosphere ablaze by confirming the existence of the phone via Twitter.

In a move that is almost completely unprecedented not just for LG but for the entire mobile market in general, a tweet appeared on LG’s official Twitter account confirming the phone, simply stating:

seein is believin! The super slim & super bright “LG B” Android phone. come to #CES #CES11 and see with your own eyes!!

Not the first time that’s happened though, right? A rogue tweet that escapes the ironclad clutches of a company’s marketing team only to be quickly and quietly deleted moments later, with the official company response offering a mixture of coy avoidance and ignorant confusion. Nope, not this time.

In fact, LG followed up that initial tweet with links to certain chosen articles that had previously picked up on the leaked LG B rumours:

LG B to be the thinnest Android phone ever (it’s thinner than iPhone 4 anyway) – Unwired View http://dlvr.it/BYcqq

But with LG remaining silent on the particulars of its newest Android smartphone, two things seem clear: First, this phone will be ultra slim, with comparison pictures showing a phone almost half the width of Apple’s iPhone. Second, this phone will be ultra bright, sporting an advanced AMOLED screen that will kick the pants off both the iPhone and Samsung’s popular Galaxy S.

While everything save the actual existence of the phone remains mere speculation, if the LG B is really as thin and bright as rumours are making it out to be, it could quickly become the benchmark for the rest of the smartphone industry, with the likes of Apple, RIM, Samsung et al. looking to quickly follow suit.

For LG, both the Optimus 2X and the B are much needed marquee pieces to the company’s struggling mobile line-up. For a company that was once a darling of the mobile market, LG has seen its market share slip in recent months, losing ground to powerful smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola.

But is confirming the rumours surrounding the LG B going to hurt LG in the long run, giving its competitors time to produce a rival phone of their own, or is LG simply getting an early start on generating buzz around their two next gen smartphones?

Photo c/o Phandroid

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