Microsoft: 1.5 Million WinPho7 Devices Sold In 6 Weeks!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on December 22, 2010

After initially staying mum on the WP7 sales figures, Microsoft announced Tuesday that sales of Windows Phone 7 devices have surpassed 1.5 million units in last six weeks. While that sounds an impressive figure, there’s a catch – the number of units reported by Microsoft represents the devices shipped by manufacturers to the carriers and the number of WinPho7 phones purchased by end customers is likely much lower.

None the less, the announcement rounds off year 2010 on a positive note for Microsoft’s mobile ambitions. IDC believes that year 2011 would be a “big year for Microsoft’s Windows Phone applications platform” and may even see the Windows-giant grab the third spot in terms of overall app volume.

Though it’s still early days, Microsoft has good reasons to be pleased with its WinPho7 accomplishments till date. After all, WinPho7 is the “chosen one” phone to save us from our phones and it’s destined for better things than the company’s previous mobile adventure – Windows Mobile.

The company says that WinPho7 sales figures met its ‘realistic expectations’. IMO, though these initial sales figures are an ominous sign for Microsoft’s second innings in the mobile arena, there’s plenty of work to be done. The Apple iPhone 4 sold 1.17 million units in less than three days earlier this year. It is believed that nearly 300,000 Android devices are activated each day. Clearly, WinPho7 still needs to catch up on the volume game sooner than later. There are a number of positives such as the Windows Phone 7 HD7 phone being immediately sold out in a number of countries including Taiwan and Microsoft strongly needs to push the pedal now.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace seems to be faring much better and already boasts of 4,000 apps in less than two months, largely due to company’s aggressive policy of opening its wallet in an effort to entice the mobile market’s best software application developers over to the WP7 platform. It’s worth noting that Android Market took nearly 5 months to reach the same milestone.

CNET reports that though Microsoft did most things right in the build-up to WinPho7 launch, it could have done a better job on handful of other aspects including investing more in the OS, launching CDMA-based devices and retaining former Windows Mobile and Kin customers. I, for one, hope that Microsoft has learnt it lessons from the Windows Mobile debacle.

Can Windows Phone 7 devices hold their own against the iPhone and the Android gang? Only time will tell.

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