Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve

by Jordan Richardson on December 24, 2010

With Christmas Eve upon us, issues of regulatory entanglements and conflict minerals fade into the background. In this refreshingly jubilant air, we take the time to reflect on what’s truly important: tracking Santa.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, it’s now easier than ever to track the guy in the red suit. Using social networking and the miracle of the internet, we can keep tabs on Santa Claus’ progress on Facebook and even on YouTube. Twitter, Flickr and TroopTube have also come to the fore as destinations to track the big guy. And Google Maps and Google Earth plug-ins also make it nice and easy to spot that sleigh.

If you’re wondering where to start, NORAD is always a reliable choice. The NORAD Santa Tracker has been doing the job for years. The site makes it easy to track Santa’s flight path a number of different ways, including with a host of smart phone apps and a Google Earth plug-in for good measure.

Last year, 13 million Santa seekers used NORAD. 400,000 tracked him on Facebook and another 3,400 followed along using Twitter. Those numbers are expected to be higher this year, with about 481,000 already gearing up for the fun.

For last minute gift requests (I know I’ve got a few), you can always try to email Santa. Canada Post’s HOH OHO postal code has graduated in the digital age, as you may have expected. Since 2002, Santa can be reached via email form on the Canada Post website. Simply fill out the form online and click the send button. If you’re like me, ignore the part where it says “Child’s Name” and include your own. Adults need presents too, you know.

You can even send Santa a text message this year thanks to This site expects to send out some 100,000 texts to Saint Nick. Make sure to use standard texting etiquette, as you wouldn’t want to end up on the “naughty list.” Check the charges before you sign up. And no sexting Santa, please.

There are many other options for tracking Santa this Christmas Eve, too. Perhaps the best way to check things out is the old-fashioned way, however: set out some milk and cookies and listen carefully for the pitter-patter of little reindeer feet and the jingle-jangle of sleighbells.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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