Rumours of the HTC Thunderbolt Rumble through Verizon

by Matt Klassen on January 3, 2011

So the holidays are over and its time to get back to regular life, which means for me a return to the daily grind of monitoring the blogosphere for the latest tidbits of tech or telecom information to feed our insatiable appetites for everything technology.

But for those who think Christmas is over, perhaps they should take a look at the Eastern Orthodox calendar, wherein the big day lands on January 6th, which this year happens to coincide with one of the biggest days in tech calendar as well.

So what better way to wrap up the famous twelve days of Christmas–the days between December 25th and January 6th–with news that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is coming to town…well probably not your town, but a town.

As is always the case, with the CES set to kickoff on Thursday the blogosphere is abuzz with rumours about the latest tablets, smartphones, and other interesting tech waiting to be unveiled. But amidst all the potential iPad-killers and next gen smartphones, one device stood out from the rest, the first in a long line of Verizon LTE phones, a phone that will potentially be this next years best Android phone, the HTC Thunderbolt.

Scrapping the arduously long HTC Droid Incredible HD, the rumoured Thunderbolt would be the first phone compatible with Verizon’s new next gen LTE network, and with an eye-popping 1280 x 800 resolution on a 4.3 inch screen, it is set to be the highest resolution phone on the market as well.

Seeing the success of both HTC’s Droid Incredible and Motorola’s line-up of Droid devices, it would be a surprise if the Thunderbolt didn’t follow suit, capturing one of the top five spots of the 2011’s most popular Android phones.

Although it is no surprise that both Verizon and HTC are remaining steadfastly tight-lipped about a phone who’s existence has yet to be confirmed,  reports have been released that both the Thunderbolt and the rumoured SamsungSCH-i520 have appeared in Verizon’s system, lending some credibility to the rumour that we’ll see both of them unveiled at this week’s CES.

But if this past year has taught us anything it’s that the reality of the tech market is often not as nice as the dream, with many of last year’s hotly anticipated items turning into well-publicized flops. So what will the future hold for the HTC Thunderbolt? It’s certainly far too early to tell, seeing as the device officially doesn’t even exist yet.

Then again, perhaps it’s too early for such predictions, as these early days of the New Year provide what may be the best tech moment of the next 12 months. It’s the time when all the rumoured tech of the New Year seems incredibly advanced and mind-blowingly amazing, when all the gadgets we currently have seem to lose some of their lustre when measured against what we could have 12 months from now, and the time before any of the devices we’re hearing about have a chance to disappoint us. Oh sweet ignorant bliss, part of me hopes the CES never comes.

 Photo c/o DroidLife

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