RIM Details for 2011 Emerge

by Jordan Richardson on January 17, 2011

Waterloo’s Research In Motion has an awful lot riding on 2011. This could be a make-or-break year for the company and, with all of the rumours floating around of its struggles in 2010, RIM has got to have more than a few fingers crossed. Considering the apparent “incoherence” of its mobile plans, some clarity seems in order.

Perhaps the biggest object of promise for RIM is the PlayBook. This tablet has been extensively discussed and should be out in relatively short order. News of the company shipping out one million units in the first quarter alone has emerged out of Digitimes, but some industry analysts are questioning the validity of those rather enormous numbers. What the potentially exaggerated digits do, however, is highlight the tall expectations RIM has for the PlayBook.

New handset designs have also been leaking out over the last few weeks. The various tech sites have been snapping up the rumours, with the “BlackBerry Dakota” making the rounds along with a new BlackBerry Storm with a code name “Monaco” and a new BlackBerry Curve code-named the “Apollo.” There’s also word about a second BlackBerry Torch.

The leaked Dakota “combines a signature BlackBerry keyboard with  a more modern touch screen” and looks to be a pretty zippy little unit. Impressively, the device should work as a 3G mobile hotspot. According to BGR, it will launch with BlackBerry’s OS 6.1 and will pack a 2.8-inch capacitive screen.

The leaked Monaco is an “all-touch” smart phone with support for 3D gaming. It also runs OS 6.1 and is being touted by some as RIM’s potential flagship product for the second half of 2011. It, like the Dakota, should work as a 3G mobile hotspot.

The leaked Apollo will also feature OS 6.1. It is being dubbed the second thinnest smart phone in the RIM library, although I’m not sure how much veracity (or concern) I would grant that issue. From what BGR reports, the Apollo will bring up the “lower mid-end” of the line-up for a reasonable price.

And the Torch 2 packs a generous set of rumours as well. A beefier processor is at the forefront of the discussion, with the Torch 2 allegedly packing a 1.2GHz engine. The display has been upgraded, too, with a 3.2-inch screen set to 640×480.

So there you have it, BlackBerry lovers and haters. If these reports are any indication, RIM looks to be sailing in to 2011 ready to rumble with a wide array of smart phones to match budgets and desires alike. For those who just can’t deal with having a year-old phone, help is on the way!

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