RIM Introduces BlackBerry Balance

by Jordan Richardson on January 25, 2011

Research In Motion is getting set to release software that will help users separate business from pleasure. The software is called BlackBerry Balance and its basic premise is to segregate business content from personal content on BlackBerry units.

“We just wanted to create an innovative solution that allows enterprises to manage the corporate data side while at the same time give their employees the freedom to use Facebook and browse the web and get their Internet email at the same time,” Jeff McDowell, RIM’s senior vice-president for business and platform marketing, told Reuters.

Balance is set for launch in roughly two months, says RIM.

So what’s the point of this? RIM says that Balance will let users rely on one smart phone for all of their communication needs. They’ll be able to use the same device for business and for personal purposes. IT admins will be able to rest their fears about personal devices tapping in to their networks and they won’t have to sacrifice any corporate bells and whistles to do so.

The software is currently being tested by North American carriers and will also be made available for the upcoming PlayBook.

Analysts are saying that RIM is really hitting on something here, noting that Balance could give the Waterloo company a leg up on the competition by putting a digital wall between corporate and personal communications. “There are two fundamental use cases on the smart phone: enterprise and personal. The problem is that they are conflicting,” McDowell said.

The solution allows corporate IT departments to keep tabs on data like business-related emails sent with BlackBerry’s Enterprise Server while keeping the employee’s personal information secure and confidential. Because more companies let employees use their personal smart phones at work, Balance potentially changes the game by eliminating the need for a second “work phone.”

It’s true that iOS 4’s system includes separation of business and personal information, but nothing out there offers the level of security proposed by Balance. The software won’t compromise business or personal communications, adding that famous RIM security to the equation. The feature will doubtlessly prove popular and could give the PlayBook a boost as it tries to square off against the mighty iPad.

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