Want to be the next Vonage in the DID Business? Try DIDReseller for Joomla!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 27, 2011

DIDs are a blessing for small business VoIP users as they provide the flexibility of owning local, international and toll-free numbers at the fraction of a cost. With a large number of existing providers, the DID reseller segment is a keenly contested market segment. Differentiation is the name of the game for new DID resellers to set themselves apart from the crowd.

While looking for an innovative DID reseller solution, we came across DIDReseller, a full-fledged e-Commerce solution based on Joomla and DIDWW API 2.0. Automation and ability to customize are perhaps the most vital aspects of any DID reselling solution and DIDReseller ranks very high on both these indexes.

With a wide geographical base spanning across more than 60 countries, the DIDWW reseller community is growing at a scorching pace and offers a perfect business opportunity to be the next big name in the DID business.

How DIDReseller is different from other DID solutions?

For a start, DIDReseller is based on one of the most popular open-source content management systems called Joomla. Secondly, it strongly promotes the self-service concept through innovative features such as end-user self registration and ordering, easy-as-you-like service configuration and powerful well-documented API.

What’s more, DIDReseller is also available as part of a ready-to-use VMware virtual machine which consists of several value-add features such as SEO components and pre-configured graphical templates. Therefore, if you do not want to go through the manual installation, download the pre-built VM for your platform and get started.

And to top it all, access to “DID Reseller” is free of charge and no licensing fees are applicable.


DIDReseller can be downloaded from here. The installation of DIDReseller is simple and follows the standard procedure of installation Joomla components. Once installed, the DIDReseller dashboard can be accessed using the “Components” –> “DIDWW!” –> “Dashboard” option.

What’s special in DIDWW API 2.0?

We believe that a DID solution is as good as the level of transparency it offers from an end user’s perspective. For example, detail of crucial processes such as purchase and provisioning of virtual numbers should be hidden from end users. All they should care about is triggering an operation through a click on the front-end and getting the desired response as soon as possible.

DIDWW API 2.0 lets custom applications leverage DIDWW core services using a SOAP interface. Since SOAP-based web services are highly scalable, DIDWW API 2.0 provides an ideal platform for building large-scale DID solutions that can be further expanded on need basis.

As with DIDReseller, the DIDWW API are free of cost and there are no licensing or setup fee involved.

To sign up for a DIDReseller demo account, click here. To get more details on the DIDWW Resellers program, please visit this link.

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Ann January 27, 2011 at 6:22 am

I noticed that new versions of DIDReseller component are released periodically to provide the latest improvements. You can browse for new versions of the component and pre-built VM here – http://open.didww.com/download/

Drong January 27, 2011 at 8:40 am

As i know DIDWW opened support forum, http://www.didforum.com i’m gonna ask them some questions. BTW any one knows something about DIDReseller VM?

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