Avaya IP Office Release 6.1. Mobile Twinning is now new and improved.

by Jeff Wiener on January 28, 2011

You will never escape your office phone. Is that good ? I guess that depends on when you ask me !

One of my favorite telecom features is mobile twinning. On my desk I happen to have an Avaya IP Office 5420 digital set. The phone, and phone system support a feature called Mobile Twinning, sometimes known as Extension to Cellular, One X Mobile, or a variation of sorts …

Essentially, when you call my desk set my cell phone rings at the same time. When I answer my cell phone, my desk set stops ringing, and when I answer my desk set my cell phone stops ringing. If I answer my cell phone, I can go back to my desk, press my “twinning” button, and pick the call back from my cell to my desk. AND, if I answer the call on my cell I can hit “**”, and enter another extension to transfer the caller to another extension in the office.

I use this feature all the time – it’s essentially changed the way I work, both from within the office, and especially, out of the office. I bring this up because I’m just getting back from a short vacation, and for the first few days, I left my office desk set on TWIN mode. Much to my wife’s dismay I answered some work calls on my cell, and needless to say, I had to call into the office after the first few calls to “untwin” my desk / cell (by the boss’ orders).

It wasn’t that long ago that Digitcom.ca sold in building mobile solutions. Although we still do sell in building IP Dect and mobile type solutions, we are selling much less now that twinning is available. I building wireless systems cost many thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you could purchase a license with Avaya for under $100 / user, press your mobile button on your desk phone, and MAGIC, they both ring simultaneously. No wiring, no base stations, no installation. The only downside though is that you are now using your cell air time.

And with the latest release of IP Office 6.1 software you can now answer your desk set, press your twinning button, and continue talking on your cell phone. You can now switch back and forth from your desk set to your cell , and from your cell phone back to your desk set.

Of course there are other ROAD WARRIOR options and these include: soft phones, remote desktop connectivity, IP desk sets, VPN phones … and I will review these in a separate BLOG at a later date. In the mean time, my cell is ringing and I gotta go !

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