Avaya Breathes Second Life into Virtual Business Communications

by Matt Klassen on February 16, 2011

It seems the world of web-based virtual interactions through the use of personal avatars may soon find its way from the online gaming community to the boardroom…that is if Avaya has anything to say about it.

In a move that seems more at home in The Sims or Second Life virtual worlds, the highly successful business communications company is introducing the next generation of immersive collaborative communication technology with its new web.alive service (Click here to try it free!).

Dubbed the future of business communications, web.alive delivers a truly virtual work environment, where meetings and other business interactions can now take place between personal avatars, without people ever needing to leave the comfort of their own offices…or homes for that matter.

But is this really the next generation of business interactions, holding team meetings with simulated avatars or meeting new clients in simulated public forums? If it is, the world is indeed changing quickly, now the question is, is your business ready to change with it?

If everything I’ve said to this point sounds foreign and confusing, it’s a good bet that you’re simply unprepared for Avaya’s push to revolutionize business communications. Today’s online community offers people numerous opportunities to create virtual lives, with Second Life being among the most popular options.

Within such a program, users are able to create virtual representations of themselves, either how they are in reality or perhaps how they would like to see themselves. It is these virtual representations, called avatars, that Avaya is looking to incorporate into its web.alive program, which utilizes the exact same 3D technology that one currently finds in Second Life.

The genesis of the technology used in this project is but one of the many things Avaya acquired when it purchased the now-defunct Nortel Networks, as this sort of virtual business environment was already in development by Nortel’s R&D department.

The goal with this technology, according to Brett Shockley, Avaya’s VP of emerging products and technologies, is to make “collaborative engagements more immersive than simply audio or video communications.”

Shockley explains, “Meetings, seminars, classes, and even hallway conversations over the web can now be more social and truly engaging with Avaya web.alive…The cutting edge spatial audio and immersive collaboration technology allows our customers to achieve new levels effectiveness in remote collaboration. Avaya web.alive continues Avaya’s innovative ‘people-first’ approach to delivering business collaboration solutions. 

So gone are the impersonal phone meetings, emails to potential clients, and that disappointing lack of telepresence available on your current phone system. With Avaya’s web.alive you can entertain prospective clients on the beaches of Hawaii, hold a business meeting at the top of Mt. Everest, or simply recreate your boardroom with a different coloured wall paper.

Simply put, everything is possible when nothing is actually real. Welcome to the future of business communications.

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