America Hordes Alien Technology, Former Canadian Defence Minister Claims

by Matt Klassen on March 3, 2011

If I told you that for years we humans have been shooting down alien spaceships and reverse engineering their technology to improve our vehicles, computers, and mobile devices, would you believe me? What about if I told you that there are secret American black-ops research installations keeping much of that new technology to themselves, instead of sharing it with the world to help improve our communications technology and ease our dependence on fossil fuels?

Truth be told, if I said such things you’d probably think I was, at best, one of those wacky conspiracy theorists who has probably watched one too many sci-fi movies. Now would it change things if those claims were made by a former high ranking official of the Canadian government?

In story first reported by AOLNews, this week at the International UFO Congress held in Arizona one of the keynote speakers will be former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, 87, an outspoken advocate for the existence of aliens. Hellyer has long argued not only for the existence of aliens, but for the fact that America has been hording this other-worldly technology, technology that could conceivably alter everything about our lives.

Now just because such claims are coming from the mouth of a once respected member of Canadian politics does it make them any more credible, or perhaps does it lend credence to the notion that Hellyer, at 87, is just plain crazy?

But this sort of alien-American conspiracy is nothing new for Hellyer. In a speech delivered back in 2008, he boldly claimed that America has fired on aliens in the past, ignoring their extraterrestrial offerings of help and assistance (which notably contravene the Prime Directive…oops, wrong show) in favour of killing them and stealing their advanced technology (come to think of it, it does comport with America’s foreign policy.)

While long removed from the Canadian political arena, Hellyer is still the longest serving current member — ahead of Prince Philip — of the Queen’s Privy Council, which is made up of “prominent Canadians appointed to advise the queen on issues of importance to the country.” The only saving grace of which is the fact that the Queen would dare not utilize her monarchical powers to pass the “Be Friendly to Aliens” bill.

So what should we make of this? Other than ignoring it out of hand as the nonsensical ramblings of a very old man, if aliens do exist, have visited us here on Earth, and have shared their technology with us, I would expect nothing less than for capitalist governments and corporations to covet their extraterrestrial secrets, releasing them in small doses not for the ongoing benefit of humankind, but for the ongoing benefit of their pocketbooks.

But I remain unconvinced by Hellyer’s unsubstantiated claims; perhaps because I’ve spent much of the past decade listening to my 80-something year old grandfather concisely explain his endeavours to build a Perpetual Motion Machine, overcoming the ever-present issue of friction with just a little more engine grease.

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m1286 April 7, 2011 at 6:49 am

We should march up in there with a selected million people all backgrounds of anything but prepared for the breach of ufo, ufo back engineered tech and the existance of possible alien freindlys, would the fact that human rights, out ways the law of the land for it to be for the benefit of mankind, the so called “conspiracies” of the world need to be set straight with truth and data related records.
The benefit of mankind is the future of human peace, to move forwards together with sophistication, lending a hand to a complete stranger is the start of a relationship with a single functioning society.

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