Does Bell Know the Meaning of “Customer Service”?

by Matt Klassen on March 7, 2011

Alternate Title: “A Cautionary Tale of Bell Canada’s Woefully Inadequate Customer Service.”  

As one of Canada’s most popular telecom blogs, we here at have heard it all when it comes to Canadian Internet providers. We’ve read horror stories about abysmal service technicians, we’ve heard customer frustration with hours on hold with customer service, and with the shocking experience of one of our own Digitcom technicians this past week, you could say now we’ve seen it all as well.

Although all of Canada’s big three Internet providers are guilty of slipping up now and again, Bell Canada stands out from the rest. The difference is, when we’ve called out TELUS or Rogers (or even some of the lesser lights like Mobilicity) on a customer service, network coverage, or any other service provider issue, they’ve promptly responded to us, most often promising to rectify the issue or otherwise accounting for their actions…Bell has, to date, opted to remain silent.

Let me reiterate that point, in all the years has reported on the telecommunications market in Canada, for the innumerable times the writers here have reported on Bell Canada, the company has never, repeat never, so much as posted a comment clarifying its stance or offering any sort of correction.

For us it has long begged the question, does Bell, like its competitors, have any sort of social media department? Heck, when you read the following manuscript from our technician’s recent experience, you’ll wonder if Bell has any sort of customer service/public relations department at all!

So for those that needed a laugh for the day, here’s a great reason why everyone should probably reconsider doing business with Bell (I hope Digitcom never leaves this impression with its prospective clients!)

A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.

Chat representative Erica has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

Erica: Hello, thanks for visiting How can I help you today?

Tech: Looking for inexpensive wireless internet for the sole purpose of surveillance cameras. Address is XXX Queens Dr. Toronto…

Erica: Sure, I can help you with that…May I please know which services you currently have with Bell?

Tech: Website can’t seem to locate it. Don’t have any services with Bell at that location. It’s in an apartment building that a customer owns…XXX Queens Dr Toronto, ON M9N 3C8

Erica: Would you mind holding while I look that information up for you?

Tech: Sure.

Erica: Thanks very much for holding; I have some information for you. I am glad to say that the Bell Internet services are available at your area. May I know are you looking for Bell Home phone to access Internet service or just the Internet?

Tech: Just the internet. It’s in a laundry room actually – we simply want to connect the DVR so that we can monitor the facility remotely.

Erica: You need to go for the Dry loop. Dry Loop is a dummy phone line wherein you won’t be able to make or receive calls. It’s dedicated only for Internet access. In order to get more details about dry loop connection for Internet service, you need to contact our dry loop department at 1-877-877-5080. Our dry loop department will work on Monday to Friday between 8.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M. Please contact them at these available times to order your service for Internet.

Tech: Can we not have some sort of wireless internet?

Erica: Yes. You will get home networking modem. With home networking modem, you can connect four computers using wired connection and up to ten computers using wireless connection.

Tech: I don’t know if you’re following me. I would like a portable internet solution such as the Portable 512K or the one with the Ericson Modem. I don’t want a dry loop plus DSL.

Erica: I am sorry we do not offer the portable internet with us now.

Tech: Sorry? Not in that area, or not at all?

(See the bottom of this page:

Erica: I have checked the details it is showing that you go for the high speed Internet with us.

Tech: Thanks for your help.

Erica: Thank you for choosing Bell and using for your Self-Serve solutions. Have a great day!!

While our technician’s frustration is clear, let me clarify the key point. Contrary to the fact that the Bell Canada agent stated her company does not offer the portable internet solutions our Digitcom customer needed, the company’s website clearly states that it does.

Not only is it bad enough that customer’s routinely complain about getting lost in Bell’s endless pit of phone system menus, or having to endure agonizingly long wait times, but when they finally get an agent on the line, they don’t even know what they’ve talking about!

So you could say that theTelecomblog has called out Bell Canada; it needs to account for its ignorant agents and it needs to account for its generally unhelpful customer service. But of course the question remains; will Bell even read this post?

I sincerely doubt it.

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