Growing Telecom Company Looking for Amazing Suppliers and Staff

by Jeff Wiener on March 9, 2011

Any company is only ever as good as its suppliers and staff and we at Digitcom are always on the hunt for both. I can’t imagine a better place to advertise than our own blog,, where we get thousands of readers every day. So, let me explain what we’re looking for and if you think you’ve got the product or the talent, let us know.
Digitcom has thousands of customers, from the small corner restaurant or doctors office to the large multi-national with hundreds of offices across North America. We sell phone systems, data networks, cable, WAN services, LAN and network architecture, headsets, and all of the ancillary components, widgets, and devices that go along with running a successful Telecom company; and we’re always looking for new and interesting products and technology that can compliment our current services. Our primary lines include Avaya, NEC, Cisco, Polycom, Plantronics, Konftel, and HP. 
We have tried selling hosted VoIP solutions and SIP trunking, believe me, we’ve tried.  That seems to be a difficult one to find though. I get emails every week from a SIP trunk supplier or hosted VoIP provider, every one promising to be different from the last, and unfortunately hosted VoIP and SIP trunking seems to very difficult to do well. There are so many potential points of failure between the hosted VoIP provider’s backbone and the customer’s phone that any slight WAN or LAN degradation gets compounded, resulting in poor voice, and in turn, a frustrated customer.

So although I’m hoping to one day find a SIP trunk or hosted voice supplier, I’m not holding my breath. If you feel your company is different, feel free to send me an email and let me know why. I just want to know that you own both the transport and backbone.  The T1, MPLS… and the voice services are all coming from the same network. It’s not good enough that you own a VoIP service and provide that service on Bell’s T1 through a peering relationship at 151 Front Street. You need to own both.
With regards to the other products and services, if you have a unique call center offering, call recording solution, iPhone app designed for the corporate voice market, great cable offerings, conference phones, and so on, please let us know. We only work with the best, and in turn sell the best to our clients. We’ll hold you to a very high standard, and in turn we will represent your products honestly and fairly to a large market. If you have the best, we want to know.
I started this post by saying that any company is only as good as its suppliers and staff, and we are always looking for amazing talent.  If you’re in sales, tech support or cabling, understand the voice market, and are looking to work for a growing company, please let us know.  You can send an email to: sales at

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