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by Jeff Wiener on March 25, 2011

Since the inception of TheTelecomBlog.com almost two years ago writers here have covered a wide range of stories, from the collapse of major mobile players to the rise (and fall) of the latest mobile devices. In fact, if it was a major telecommunications news or product story, well, you probably read it here.

But over that time there has been one company in particular that has provided us with countless stories, one that continues to push the boundaries of the business telecommunications market, and one that continues to advance the Unified Communications field, and that company is, of course, Avaya.

To be fair, it’s no secret that TheTelecomblog has a vested interest in Avaya, as its parent company Digitcom is a noted Avaya SMB Expert dealer. That being said, Digitcom’s commitment to Avaya is well-founded as Avaya continues to be a leader in the business communications market, providing its customers with products and service that are second to none.

One can imagine, then, that over the course of three years the TheTelecomblog bloggers have compiled quite a list of articles related to Avaya, covering both general news related to the company, its products, and to its popular IP Office product suite. In fact, we have written such a wealth of information regarding Avaya that many find it positively overwhelming to try and find the info they’re looking for.

So, in response to the needs of our readers, we have compiled a useful Avaya Resource Guide, your one stop Avaya news and information source. 

Avaya IP Office Info

1. Business Phone System Comparison: Featuring Avaya

As part of our series on Business Phone systems available for the Small and Medium Business market. This article gives a concise summary of Avaya’s current products, including an overview of the newest iteration of its popular IP Office suite.

2. Avaya Brings Cost-Effective Enterprise Collaboration to Midsize Market

Looking for a communications system that brings your entire team together but doesn’t break the bank? Avaya has the answer with the release of its new Aura branch and midsize enterprise solutions.

3. Avaya Takes IP Telephony to the Next Level with Its 9504 and 9508 Digital, 9608 IP Deskphones

Recently Avaya announced the launch of its 9504 and 9508 Digital desk phones. While the former is a value oriented solution for small and medium sized businesses, the latter promises to be indispensable business communication tool for executives and managers. Click on the link to learn more.

4. Avaya IP Office Release 7.0 notes. The IP Office now supports the Nortel M and T series sets. It’s Official.

The announcement that Avaya’s IP office v.7.0 would support Nortel’s old M and T series phone sets came as relief to many, as Avaya committed itself to supporting Nortel’s product line for the near future at least.

5. Avaya IP Office compatibility Matrix with Nortel M, T, and IP phones

Wondering whether your old Nortel Norstar or BCM phone set will work on the Avaya IP Office Release 7? If so, this post concisely outlines what phone sets will be compatible with Avaya’s IP Office and what phones won’t. Further, this post outlines what features will and will not continue to be available for Nortel users.

6. Avaya IP Office Release 6.1. Mobile Twinning is now new and improved.

If you’re looking for a phone system that allows you to break the binding chains of your desktop set, consider Avaya’s IP Office 6.1 and its helpful twinning feature. Twinning, otherwise known as Extension to Cellular, is a way for the phone system to route office calls through your office phone, allowing you to leave the office without worrying about missing an important call. Click the link to learn more.

7. Avaya IP Office 6.1 and the new One X Portal

For those looking for an easy to operate telecommunications system, look no further than IP Office 6.1. Its improved One X portal will almost certainly usher in the beginning of the end for the current desk set phone systems. Click the link to learn more.

8. Avaya IP Office Release 6.1 supports centralized / decentralized Voice Mail Pro resiliency

There’s nothing worse than lost messages or frustrated clients when your voicemail server becomes temporarily unavailable. That’s why Avaya included decentralized voicemail support on IP office 6.1, a unique feature that allows other backup servers to temporarily take control of your company’s voicemail services.

9. Avaya IP Office Release 6.0. Frequently Asked Questions, Answers on R6 and IPO 500 V2 hardware

Although Avaya is already working on IP Office 7.0 that certainly doesn’t mean that the previous 6.0 release is obsolete. In fact, for small or medium businesses it may just be the system you’re looking for. If you want to know if it’s right for you, this post is a good place to start.

10. Avaya Launches Next-Generation Contact Center Solutions to Enhance Customer Service Experiences

Avaya introduced its next-generation of contact center solutions to meet the real-time demands of a rapidly evolving customer service environment. These advancements drive improvements in customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and cost-savings throughout contact center operations.

Avaya General Info

1. Avaya purchases Konftel for $15 Million. What a genius move!

This past year Avaya acquired Konftel, a cutting-edge innovator in audio collaboration technology and one of the industry’s leading conference telephone manufacturers. With this move, Avaya enriched its desktop to conference room audio collaboration portfolio and gained access to a breadth of leading-edge technologies and capabilities, including Konftel’s OmniSound® technology, which provides optimal audio performance in collaborative environments.

2. Avaya Unified Communications Application Goes “Lite” for iPhone and Live via Apple App Store

Both Avaya one-X Mobile and the recently released “Lite” version enable the iPhone to become an enterprise communications device by making it possible for mobile workers to receive business calls anywhere, anytime, improving their productivity and reducing costs to the business.

3. Avaya Breathes Second Life into Virtual Business Communications

In a move that seems more at home in The Sims or Second Life virtual worlds, Avaya is introducing the next generation of immersive collaborative communication technology with its new virtual web.alive service (Click here to try it free!).

4. Avaya Announces Leadership Changes. Joel Hackney is now SVP of Global Sales & Mktg

In 2010 Avaya underwent significant leadership changes, the foremost being the announcement that Joel Hackney, who some might remember from the old Nortel days, was named the company’s  Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing and President of Field Operations.

5. Hackney Promises Avaya will maintain Momentum through Unsettled Waters

While his predecessor’s departure left many with questions regarding the ongoing integration of Nortel’s assets, Hackney immediately squashed rumours that Avaya was facing any sort of leadership crisis, reassuring customers and shareholders alike that the company is in good hands.

6. A Retrospective on the Avaya Dealer Conference, Kennedy’s “Fit for Purpose”, and the New Avaya

At Avaya’s Dealer Conference in 2010, when explaining the company’s vision for the future, President and CEO Kevin Kennedy coined the phrase, “Fit for Purpose,” describing the company’s desire to create a communications portfolio consisting of not only end points, but the contact centre, applications, and business processes as well. If you want to know where Avaya is going, just click the link.

7. Digitcom Canada awarded Avaya’s SME Canadian Business Partner of the Year Award

On October 20th at Avaya’s Global Sales and Partner Conference in Las Vegas, Digitcom was awarded Avaya’s coveted SME Canadian Business Partner of the Year award. Digitcom was one of only a small handful of companies honoured at the conference among more than 1,300 Avaya Business Partners who represent Avaya products and services in North America.

8. Avaya Unified Communications and Enterprise Roadmap

Avaya’s plan for advancing its Unified Communication and Enterprise offerings begins and ends with its Aura suite. Its strategy revolves around the use of industry standards to create a multi-vendor Unified Communications system that can be deployed at different paces based on each customer’s specific needs and current infrastructures. Click the link to learn more.

9. Avaya wins Nortel’s Enterprise business for $900 Million

While the news that Avaya was the winner of the Nortel sweepstakes is nothing new, if you were wondering where all this talk about Avaya integrating Nortel’s business phone systems into its own product line-up began, this story is almost certainly the beginning of the saga.

10. Its official. Avaya has taken over Nortel’s Enterprise Business. Now the fun part begins

The day that Avaya officially took over Nortel’s Enterprise business department was one of mixed feelings for us here at TheTelecomblog. On the one hand, having Avaya come out on top was reason for celebration, as many of us could think of no company better suited to carry on Nortel’s legacy. On the other hand, Nortel was a Canadian telecom institution, a powerhouse in the market, and its absence is still noticeable today.

11. Avaya announces the fate of Nortel’s BCM and Norstar product line

One of the burning questions following Avaya’s acquisition of Nortel was what would become of Nortel’s product lines. This year has seen the convergence of both Nortel’s BCM and Norstar systems with Avaya’s existing products, and while Nortel’s technology has not been rendered obsolete, that day seems to be quickly approaching.

12. Avaya’s Proposed Acquisition of Nortel Enterprise Solutions Receives HSR Act and Canadian Competition Act Clearance

It was the news Avaya had been waiting for, that its proposed acquisition of Nortel cleared all antitrust red tape and that the Canadian Competition Bureau had no grounds to block the transaction.

13. Avaya’s new web based call center app – Customer Call Reporter. A “paradigm shift” in call center Apps

Customer Call Reporter (CCR) will provide real time monitoring for both Supervisors and Call Center Agents. The Supervisor can program up to 3 real time views of their call center, and the agent can log in, select a Supervisor, and then view the stats for themselves and the queues that they are a member of. Click the link to learn more.

14. Avaya Expands Relationship with AT&T for Small to Medium Enterprise Customers

This past year Avaya and AT&T partnered to create a dedicated customer sales center to serve the communications needs of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). The center will enable both companies to serve small and mid-sized enterprise business customers through a common “front door,” providing one-stop shopping for both their network and equipment needs.

15. Avaya Leaps into Tablet Wars

Despite calling itself a communications “software company,” Avaya is leaping feet-first into the tablet fray with the Avaya Flare Experience. The device (or “non-tablet,” if Michael Finneran has his say) is exclusively designed to go toe-to-toe with Cisco’s Cius business communications tablet.

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