Production Delays Threaten iPhone 5 Summer Release

by Matt Klassen on April 1, 2011

With metronome-like consistency, Apple has maintained its product release schedule with startling regularity, meaning that those looking for the latest and greatest device from Apple need only wait for the appointed month to get their hands on the product. For example, those waiting for the next iPad knew well in advance of its official unveiling that it would be released in March, and so it was.

So to for Apple’s other devices, as for many Apple aficionados the approaching summer months mean only one thing, the release of the next iteration of the iPhone. But if a Japanese Mac blog is to be believed, it looks like Apple’s clockwork release schedule is about to be broken and the iPhone 5 will be delayed.

But if the iPhone 5 won’t be available for release a June release like all of its predecessors, how long will Apple customers have to wait to get their hands on this phone? Again, if the rumours are to be believed, it looks like the release could be pushed back as far as October.

An April fools joke? I think not. Let the lamentations begin. 

At the best of times most rumours circulating around the tech blogosphere need to be taken with a hefty grain of salt, but when the rumours themselves need to be translated into English, well, things get a lot more blurry. All that to say, the terse blog post from Japanese Mac site Macotakra is a long way from what one might call a “reliable source,” at least until we get further confirmation.

That aside, the Macotakra post claims that a Chinese source has witnessed a delay in Apple ordering the requisite components for its new iPhone, a transaction that, like the actual release of the iPhone, has happened like clockwork over the past few years. The source goes on to say that without acquiring said components, there is no way the new iPhone 5 will be ready for its anticipated June release.

The blog goes on to speculate that Apple may be delaying the release of a new iPhone 5 to give time for its new CDMA version of the iPhone 4 to saturate all available global markets, changing its modus operandi from releasing new products to supporting and growing older ones.

Despite whether or not the rumours are to be believed, there’s little question that Apple has a lot more to juggle now than it did even a year ago. Not only does the company have GSM and CDMA versions of their phone to support and upgrade, consider the fact that the advent of near field communications (NFC) technology is cresting the horizon, meaning that Apple may want to delay the iPhone 5 to make it NFC compliant.

All that and there’s still the fact that Apple is working on yet another upgrade for its mobile iOS operating system, and in order to make these upgrades meaningful—as opposed to shallow incremental upgrades—its going to take some time.

In my mind, if there is an impending delay in the release of the iPhone 5 it may actually mean that there will be substantive changes to the newest iteration of the device, another departure from Apple’s consistent strategy of wrapping worthless incremental upgrades in a flashy new package and calling it the next iPhone, and something I’m sure Apple fans are willing to wait for.

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