Avaya End of Life Announcement for the 5400 Series Phone

by Jeff Wiener on April 27, 2011

I just found this on the Avaya.com web site:

As part of its on-going program of product enhancement and manufacturing updates, Avaya recently introduced the 9500 and 1400 Digital Deskphones on the Avaya IP Office platform for customers that require reliable, high quality phones for a wide range of user types within their organization.

Effective August 1, 2011 Avaya will no longer sell (make commercially available) the 5400 Series (5402, 5410, 5420) Digital Deskphones. Additionally, Avaya will also no longer sell the T3 ISDN and E3 digital phone portfolio sold primarily in Germany, which is covered in a separate document.

Avaya will make every effort to have supply of these products available for all orders, but cannot guarantee product availability through their End of Sale dates. Avaya reserves the right to manage and/or limit order quantities, or to cancel orders if supply is no longer available. Customer orders will be fulfilled on a first?in, first?out basis. If supply is exhausted prior to the targeted End of Sale dates in this notice, Avaya will issue an updated notice and accelerate removal of the applicable product codes from price lists and associated order entry systems.

The equivalent 2400 Digital Deskphones for the Communication Manager and the accessory products for the 5400/ 2400 Digital Deskphones will remain available until further notice.

Discontinued Order Codes and Migration Strategy
• Effective August 1, 2011 the codes listed below are to be withdrawn from sale
• As of this date, these order codes will be removed from price lists and associated order entry systems. Stock will be reserved to meet requirements for warranty returns and repairs
• Marketing collateral and web-site / portal content will be modified to reflect this product transition
• Following standard Avaya support and warranty guidelines, Avaya will provide 3 years of Manufacturer Support including technical support and repair services. In addition Manufacturer Support, Avaya will offer up to 3 years of Extended Manufacturer Support providing best effort repair services and technical support.

Discontinued Codes
700381981 IPO 5402 DCP TELSET GRY RHS
700382005 IPO 5410 DCP TELSET GRY RHS

Note: The 5400 accessory products are not impacts and remain for sale until further notice. Information on discontinued T3 ISDN and E3 digital phone codes are covered in a separate End of Sale document, please refer to that document for details.

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