HTC Pits Droid Incredible 2 against Thunderbolt

by Matt Klassen on April 27, 2011

HTC Droid Incredible 2

It may be the last of the great non-LTE smartphones, meaning it may be a colossal waste of money, but Verizon announced earlier this week that it is releasing the next iteration of the powerful and popular HTC Incredible.

In fact, starting tomorrow (April 28th) for the standard $199 on a two year contract, users can buy themselves an Android 2.2 HTC Droid Incredible 2 featuring a 4-inch super LCD display, a so-called next generation 1 GHz processor, 3G mobile hotspot capabilities, the standard HTC Sense interface, and purported advanced personalization options in addition to both a front and rear facing camera and global functionality.

While some may think these specs make the Incredible 2 a phone to be reckoned with, with its sister phone the LTE-equipped HTC Thunderbolt  (once rumoured to be the Droid Incredible HD) already dominating the Verizon Android smartphone market, is there any room for a non-LTE phone that will be obsolete before the year’s end?

In the rapidly changing mobile market we all have to make choices about what technology we want to live with, decisions often made with the full knowledge that whatever technology we choose to invest it, it will likely be obsolete before we get it out of the box. So perhaps you can’t blame HTC for offering its dedicated Droid Incredible fans a new toy, something they can get some enjoyment out of despite the fact that it’s not LTE compliant.

While the idea that another, more powerful phone is waiting in the wings may drive away some potential Incredible 2 users, the reality of the situation for the Incredible 2 is that there already is a more powerful phone available…and it’s been available for more than a month now.

In terms of marketability, I can understand a carrier releasing a particular phone, even if it happens to lack features of the newest competition, as perhaps an HTC phone is more desirable to some than a Motorola or Apple phone, but things become significantly more confusing when it’s a phone from the same manufacturer.

Sure Verizon needed a champion for its LTE network, and the HTC Thunderbolt was certainly the right choice, but where’s the logic in releasing another HTC phone a month later that sports distinctly last generation features?

Call me unimaginative, but I simply can see no reason why anyone would chain themselves to the Incredible 2 for two years with the Thunderbolt sitting right next to it. I mean, both will be obsolete in two years, but with the Thunderbolt you’ll at least have the blazing fast speeds of the LTE network to comfort you.

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Prasad April 27, 2011 at 7:58 am

The new mobile from HTC Driode 2 is a wireless with 4 inch LCD screen 1 GHz Processor and also with 8 mega pixel camera duel LED Flash 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera with these mega features this phone will be available for only $200 is really great best price.

Brandie May 5, 2011 at 10:28 pm

The author is like most reviewers spoiled by the luxuries offered them by living in a metropolitan area. As shocking as it is for such people to comprehend, there are still MANY areas WITHOUT 4G LTE SERVICE! And some areas like mine, will see it no time soon. The DInc2 gives people like me, the Thunderbolt w/o the useless, battery draining 4G LTE service. Plus we get a sleek, less bulky design with a better battery. Then in 2 yrs when our contract is up, and the plans to give areas like mine 4G LTE service, we can upgrade to the latest, greatest 4G Lte device, which will probably no longer be the beast known as Thunderbolt. Reviewers should step out of their cubicles every once in a while & see that not everyone enjoys the same service ad they do when choosing to downplay a great phone like the DInc2.

DaveSF July 7, 2011 at 12:53 am

Even in Metro areas, using 4G on the Thunderbolt produces less than useful battery life. My Thunderbolt toting friend turns off 4g unless he really need the speed for surfing, and even then he admits that 15-20 minutes of 4g surfing will eat most of his battery. Therefore, we have to ask, how much is 4g really worth if it sucks so much power? These are first generation LTE chipsets, so in a year, when there are integrated and tuned LTE chipsets, this power usage will likely decline.

Therefore, Incredible 2 vs Thunderbolt is really more a comparison of 4″ vs 4.3″ screen with the option of rarely turning on 4G. Some love the 4.3″ screen, while others find it too large and would prefer the smaller 4″ Incredible.

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