It’s Official: Cats Love iPads and Android Tablets!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on May 25, 2011

The Apple iPad has been a game changer in more ways than one. Its popularity spans kids, adults, businesses and several people who believed they don’t need it, have gradually succumbed to the irresistible desire. And trust me, the ubiquitous appeal of the iPad isn’t restricted to humans.

Cat food maker Friskies yesterday launched three web-based games for the iPad meant to be played entirely by cats. So, if you’ve got a cat, an iPad or Android tablet, there’s now an app for that!

The newly launched games – Cat Fishing, Tasty Treasures Hunt, and Party Mix-Up are all available for the iPad and Android tablets. The company claims the games are based on research into cats’ senses and how they react to various situations. In a statement released last week, the company announced “Friskies is excited to feed your cats’ senses with three new games made just for cats. The colors, movement, and game-play have been researched and tested for maximum feline fun.”

All three titles are free and built using HTML5 and CSS3. In each game, a brightly colored object floats around the iPad screen until the cat touches the object, it then disappears or breaks up into several other objects. Each game has a scoring system so you can track your feline friend’s performance. There’s a Facebook button on the home screen in each game so cats that use Facebook can have double the fun.

However, Friskies says iPad and Android tablet owners should be mindful of the fact that a cat’s sharp claws could damage add-on plastic film covers. So if your cat loves your iPad, be prepared for a scratched cover and paw prints on your iPad screen. The company is planning to launch a new game – Here Kitty Kitty, which would make it easier for cat owners to mess with their best friends. This app will call your cat with sounds like a tin can opening, a food bag rustling, a bird chirping, and more.

On a serious note, Friskies’ latest offerings strengthen the belief that apps and games built on HTML5 can be functional on almost any device or browser and these can be so intuitive that even cats can use them.

iPads and Android tablets aren’t just for humans anymore, they are the next big thing in the high-tech pet toy segment. Here’s a YouTube video of the games in action.

So, what’s next? An “Angry Birds” version exclusively for cats?

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