Wondering how the Nortel M & T series phones work on the Avaya IP Office?

by Jeff Wiener on May 25, 2011

Although I have been using the old Nortel M & T series phones on the IP Office for a couple of months, and have written a series of blog posts on the new Avaya IP Office Release 7, I finally got around to making a YouTube video showing the M/T (M7310, T7316e) series functionality and how the Avaya IP Office features function using the old Nortel phones.

Generally many of the old feature codes have been carried over, but, these sets are of course paper based phones which limit some of the systems usability. The product has been out for only 2 months, but, we’ve now sold in excess of 1,000 ports of IP Office systems using the old M & T series phones. We’re doing our first large deployment this week with many more to follow over the next 45 days, so, we better get our act together. Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes.

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