Shaw Communications Changes Internet Pricing Plans

by Jordan Richardson on May 26, 2011

In response to public outcry, Shaw Communications has changed its pricing plans. The company is the first of Canada’s telecommunications giants to respond to the furore over billing with, considering what we’ve had in this country thus far, what can only be termed as “awesomeness.”

At the core of the newfangled pricing plans is, wait for it, an increase in download limit. More than just an increase, Shaw has more than doubled the download limits on some plans. They’ve also introduced new unlimited plans. Forgive my inherent lack of objectivity, but YESSSSSS!


“This can facilitate the Netflixes and the YouTubes that customers obviously want,” said Shaw president Peter Bissonnette. “The patterns of usage by customers are changing, to the point where they will need more, they’ll require more capacity. And we’re able to provide that at a rate that is both perceived by our customers to be fair, but one also that gives us a return.”

We all know about the public outcry that occurred earlier this year over the CRTC’s proposal that would have essentially zeroed in on unlimited Internet offerings from small ISPs. The political backlash was enormous, reaching as high as Stephen Harper’s office window. Now that some of the dust has settled, Canada’s telecommunications giants are lumbering around in an attempt to release a plan that won’t irk too many customers. Shaw seems to think that this plan is the happy medium. So far, they’re right.

For specifics on Shaw’s new pricing plans regarding data, the company website has an information page up. As you can see, their existing pricing model has significant upgrades in the data consumption department. Even the smallest plan, Shaw Lite Speed, has a data limit of 30GB as opposed to the previous cap of 15GB. Shaw’s Extreme plan now tops off at 250GB, more than double its previous cap of 100GB.

Also in store are new broadband packages that will debut in June and August of 2011. The first phase offers a couple of different unlimited options. Lite packs a 1 Mbps download speed but has no limits to the amount of data. At the other end of the spectrum is Unlimited 100. This offers a download speed of 100 Mbps and, yes, unlimited data. A second phase offers similar price points but spreads it out to other geographical areas, like some fringe rural communities presumably.

The broadband packages are bundled with TV, however, so that helps keep some customers in the fold. After all, Shaw can’t have people turning entirely to Netflix and the like when they’ve got a big TV deal in the can. Nevertheless, the offering of unlimited Internet in Canada under the watchful gaze of a major provider is surprising and refreshing.

Will is signify a sea change in the industry? Maybe. Companies in Canada’s sector do tend to follow each other with respect to pricing, so we can probably expect similar offerings from other carriers soon. And along with these new offerings will be a strict adherence to the caps that are in place, which means that overage fees will become a way of life if you exceed your cap. With no excuses and new data plans to run to, let the games begin.

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xrolan May 26, 2011 at 10:19 am

internet pricing plans are changing all around the world. Europe ISS’s have an eye on what’s going on in America so they adapt themselves…

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