Telus and Cisco Introduce Future Friendly Office

by Jordan Richardson on May 31, 2011

Telus is teaming with Cisco to deliver Future Friendly Office, a new “end-to-end communication solution” for small and medium businesses.

Future Friendly Office is a suite of products and services designed exclusively for small and medium businesses and various communications requirements. Featuring Cisco Unified Communications, the suite is geared toward companies with fewer than 100 employees. It is essentially being marketed as a “solution in a box.”

Future Friendly Office is based on three of Cisco’s newest small business offerings: Cisco Unified Communications 320W, Cisco Unified Communications 540 and Cisco Unified Communications 560. These product offerings offer a host of features like Wi-Fi capability, integrated voicemail, automated attendant, hold music, and extension mobility.

Telus will be making the Future Friendly Office suite available in the same model offerings as Cisco’s Unified Communications (UC). UC 540, for instance, offers support for eight to 32 phone stations in comparison to UC 560’s support for 16 to 104 phone stations. Customers can pick the suite that best suits their business needs, with some plans set to meet the needs of as little as eight workers.

Included in Future Friendly Office are features to improve voice operations, like telephone call processing, conferencing and so on. Cisco’s Unified Video Advantage is part of the suite, bringing face-to-face meetings to Telus customers. Wireless will be a popular advantage, of course, and security with integrated firewall and VPN capabilities allow workers to get at the resources they need without compromising the company.

Telus has partnered with Cisco more than a few times in the past. Last June, they teamed up for a “cloud service delivery network” that gave Telus a boost in the right direction in terms of its 4G network. At the time it also extended its investment in Cisco’s switching platforms.

Customers interested in Future Friendly Office from Telus and Cisco can check out these handy PDF brochures, one for UC 320 and one for the 500 series.

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