Hash Brown Hoax: Conservative Party Website Hacked

by Jordan Richardson on June 8, 2011

I mentioned just a little while ago that nobody was safe in terms of hackers, even our governments and political leaders. And lo and behold, the Conservative Party website was hacked on Tuesday morning.

The website was hacked and a fake news item that claimed the Prime Minister had suffered a breakfast incident, hash brown-related apparently, made the page. A smaller change was made with a link to a Twitter account that professed adoration for a hacker group. A post under the same name claimed to have leaked the password and login information for the Tory website.

Dimitri Soudas, Harper’s director of communications, announced the hack and broke the news that Stephen Harper was fine. Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey added that the damage was limited to the Conservative Party website alone, itself hosted by a third party service.

“Due to the nature of the incident, we are cautiously assuming the Prime minister will completely recover within the next few days. From the looks of things, Harper will miss many of his planned meetings over the next few days,” the fake news release said after claiming that the PM had choked on a hash brown while eating breakfast with his kids.

The item made it around to a couple of news outlets and the usual social networking services before it was thoroughly and soundly debunked.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement tweeted that he found the act “despicable.” “I just think, I don’t know what this person was thinking, thinking this is funny, or a joke, but when you’re dealing with the health of the prime minister, it’s not a joke,” Clement told CBC News.

“There is nothing funny about this. That hacking should not have happened,” NDP leader Jack Layton said after the daily question period. “Playing around with somebody’s health in a public environment like that, making ridiculous — as it turns out, fortunately — statements is dangerous and wrong.”

Claiming responsibility is the user behind the Twitter account linked to on the hacked website. LulzRaft’s Twitter account also makes reference to LulzSec, which we all know by now as the hacker group claiming responsibility behind several other attacks. There’s no relationship between the two, however. LulzRaft, incidentally, has promised to “make headlines” again soon.

No sensitive information was taken in the hacking incident, government officials say.

UPDATE: Looks like there’s more to this story now as the government is saying that a database that contains personal information of Conservative Party donors has been hacked. The information in the database includes credit card numbers. For more information, click here.

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