Google Introduces New Search Features

by Jordan Richardson on June 15, 2011

Google has introduced a series of new search features designed to help promote its Chrome browser. The company released news of the features on Tuesday.

One feature gives users the option to speak their terms, in English, while using the search engine. This is an adaptation of something that Google already has going on Android smart phones. Use of the feature on Android has grown six-fold over the last year, so the company certainly has reason to believe in its success on other platforms.

The speech option is only available on Google’s Chrome browser for now, but the company has designs on making available on Internet Explorer and Firefox soon enough. Other languages will also be added.

Also of note is the “Instant Pages” option. This feature also requires Chrome and is designed to load web pages more quickly. After a user enters a search, Google pre-loads the first result so that it nearly uploads instantly if the user clicks it. The plan is to save between two and five seconds on a search, which is great news because, let’s face it, we’ve all apparently got better things to do in two to five seconds.

One of the most interesting features involves photos. The tool lets users drag images to Google’s search engine to get results about what’s actually in the picture. Amazingly, a photo from a particular location could be entered into the search engine and information about the location in the pic is revealed. This image-recognition software also picks up on people, apparently, but Google isn’t using it for that purpose – yet.

These search features are designed to solidify Google as the search destination. It puts the focus back on what brought the company to the dance when it was founded back in 1998. Google has tangled with other key Internet properties along the way, including Facebook, and has even gone toe-to-toe with China, but its focus on its search engine angle should be refreshing news for stakeholders.

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Carol egan July 7, 2011 at 4:57 pm

Google announced a few weeks ago its version of the Facebook “Like” button, a search results tool called plusone.”  And as much as it appears to be a duplicate of something that’s already hot, Google’s biggest selling point for this feature may be the ability to filter search results into something more dirigible.

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