Apple will Deliver Faster iPhone come September

by Jeff Wiener on June 23, 2011

With the usual June deadline for a new iPhone quickly fading in the rear-view mirror, fans of Apple have been left to wonder when they’ll be able to see the long awaited iPhone 5, and left to worry that when they see it, if it will have been worth the wait.

The rumours over the iPhone 5, both its features and release date, have been swirling around the blogosphere for some time now, with a report from Bloomberg yesterday adding credence to the speculation that September is now the month to look forward too. But the Bloomberg report didn’t stop there; offering the first glimpse of what new technology and upgraded features we could see when the iPhone 5 is finally unveiled.

But are there enough features to really justify calling the phone the iPhone 5, or, as many are already speculation, will the latest iPhone be nothing more than a glorified iPhone 4 (much like the 3GS was to the 3Ga few years back). Click to continue and decide for yourself.

The problem with determining whether or not the iPhone 5 will be worth the wait is, of course, that each person will have a different opinion of just how much change is enough to warrant the label ‘iPhone 5.’ That said, what we do know from the Bloomberg report is that Apple is working to make the iPhone 5 faster and more powerful than its predecessors.

To that end, Apple will employ the same powerful dual-core A5 processor found in the iPad 2, an addition that will almost certainly make this next iteration of the iPhone family one of the fastest smartphones on the market. While I wouldn’t necessarily call this addition innovative or advanced—as by the time September rolls around I would expect every new smartphone to sport such technology—its certainly a welcome addition.

Beyond the speed of the device, insider sources have revealed that the next iPhone will sport a significantly upgraded camera, 8 megapixels as compared to the 5 mp found on the iPhone 4. Again, I’m sure there are some that will view this as an advanced and innovative feature; I would again wager that it will be the industry standard come Fall.

That said, an upgraded camera combined with the new camera features on Apple’s iOS 5, which will reportedly come standard on the new iPhone, will definitely make the device more versatile, allowing it to compete with the lower end point-and-click digital camera market. Further, analysts are speculating that the release of the new iPhone 5 will coincide with the official release of iOS 5, which again is slated for September.

While I would guess that Apple has a number of additional tricks up its sleeve when it comes to the iPhone 5, both the speed and the upgraded camera will likely be the two-pronged platform upon which the iPhone 5 is built, which begs the question, has Apple done enough?

Although I’m hesitant to cast any sort of judgment before I’ve actually seen the new iPhone, there is one key reason why I would expect to see a little less from Apple this year: its building a second phone. As we’ve reported here before, in unprecedented fashion Apple could be looking to release a cheaper, smaller, and subsequently more accessible version of the iPhone this year as well, as it tries to capitalize on the global market that, in large part, can’t afford an iPhone; meaning that Apple may have more than one way to blow our minds.

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