LulzSec Retires After 50 Days

by Jordan Richardson on June 27, 2011

After 50 days of “Lulz,” it looks like hacker group LulzSec has “retired.” The group announced their retirement in “50 Days of Lulz,” a final release that included the emails and passwords of “Private Investigators,” AOL internal data, and a few other goodies.

“For the past 50 days we’ve been disrupting and exposing corporations, governments, often the general population itself, and quite possibly everything in between, just because we could. All to selflessly entertain others – vanity, fame, recognition, all of these things are shadowed by our desire for that which we all love. The raw, uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy. It’s what we all crave, even the seemingly lifeless politicians and emotionless, middle-aged self-titled failures. You are not failures. You have not blown away. You can get what you want and you are worth having it, believe in yourself,” says the statement.

The frenetic statement, which reads more like self-help literature than anything else, goes on to describe how there are actual “people” behind the “lulz.” “People with a preference for music, a preference for food; we have varying taste in clothes and television, we are just like you,” says the release.

LulzSec, in a heap of different hacks, stole vast amounts of personal information. They first made a name for themselves cracking the PBS website and posting an article claiming that Tupac Shakur was still alive. From there, the hacker group claimed responsibility for going after Sony, the CIA, the Arizona police, and FBI partner InfraGard.

Through it all, LulzSec maintained that they didn’t have a political agenda and that they were doing it “for the lulz.” Yet all the Internet-speak in the world can’t mask the fact that something has eroded the method behind the madness, as LulzSec is no more and has directed its followers to AntiSec, an anti-government “hacktivist” group comprised of Anonymous members and other hackers.

So what caused the shutdown of LulzSec? Why retire after 50 mere days? The brazen hacker squad claims that the timeline was a “planned 50 day cruise.”

It pays to remember that 19-year-old Brit Ryan Cleary was arrested as a part of a collaborative FBI and Scotland Yard investigation. He was believed to have connections to LulzSec and Anonymous, but LulzSec impertinently denied his involvement in anything substantial.

And LulzSec, on Saturday, claimed on its Twitter feed that a “Monday release is being planned. We’re still here, fine sirs.” That tweet kind of blows holes in the conception that the 50 day “cruise” was planned all along, wouldn’t you say?

Whatever the reason for “retirement,” LulzSec is done for now. There will be other hacker groups and other pranks because that’s simply how the world works now. Copycat groups will spring up, Anonymous will carry on operations and other individuals will continue to test the tech territory many of us take for granted. And now, for better or worse, LulzSec has come and gone.

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