Samsung Galaxy S II Moves Three Million Units in 55 Days

by Jeff Wiener on July 5, 2011

If ever there was a challenger to Apple, it may be Samsung. The Galaxy S II Android smartphone sold a record three million units in just 55 days. Most of the sales were in Europe and Asia, with Latin America also providing some impressive numbers.

According to a Samsung press release, the Galaxy S II smartphone sales beat the record set by the first Galaxy S phone. That unit sold three million units in 85 days, so that’s a 30 day jump. To date, Samsung claims to have sold more than 10 million Galaxy S smartphones worldwide.

The company currently tops the Austrian smartphone market with 30 percent share. It’s also worth 36 percent of the market in Switzerland.

As for the United States, the Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t in the water yet. There are reports of a summer release, however, and that could really prove the mettle of this product. Many analysts view success in American markets as key indication to a product’s “real” worth.

The looming release of Apple’s iPhone 5, set apparently in September, puts Samsung on notice. If they’re able to get a major United States release late this month or, at the very latest, early in August, they could enjoy a jump on the newest and most threatening product on the market. Time is of the essence, as you can tell.

There are reports of a rebranding process when the Galaxy S II hits American shores. AndroidSpin is saying that it’ll be dubbed the Samsung Within when it is released on Sprint. Similar approaches will follow the phone as it’s released on Verizon and AT&T. This is along the lines of what Samsung did when releasing the Galaxy S initially in the States.

The smartphone release game has really become a matter of rebranding and recalibrating release dates around the seemingly annual Apple releases. The same applies in the realm of tablets. Apple’s behemoths clearly guide the market, initiating the approaches of other companies and their product releases.

So while the Samsung Galaxy S II is setting records and making waves in Europe and Asia, the proving grounds have yet to be approached. Can the smartphone make an impact in American markets or is it destined to be yet another also-ran? Time will tell.

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