TheTelecomblog’s Top Six Posts for June

by Jeff Wiener on July 5, 2011

1. REPORT: Avaya Planning to Go Public

A global leader in business communications, Avaya has always been known for the innovation and advanced technology in its much sought after phone systems. Now the company is hoping the strength of its name will bring success on the open market, because while the details aren’t yet public, it looks like Avaya soon will be.                  

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the phone systems maker could file for an Initial Public Offering in the very near future, looking to raise $1 billion before it hits the open market. But will Avaya be able to turn its IPO into a gold mine, or will it follow the likes of Mitel and others, struggling with slumping share prices and disgruntled investors as it tries to right its suddenly sinking ship?

2. Apple will Deliver Faster iPhone come September

It looks like September is officially the new month for Apple fans to look forward to, as recent reports corroborate persistent rumours that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be released at the end of summer. But will the new iPhone 5 be worth the wait?

With news that the phone will be powered by a faster dual core processor and feature a new camera and, of course, iOS 5, I would hope that these are but a few of the new features we’ll see with the new iPhone 5. Regardless, it’s sure to be the tech event of the later summer.

3. RIM Shares Drop as Job Cuts Announced

Things keep going from bad to worse to even worse for Waterloo’s Research In Motion. The BlackBerry maker has been in a slump as of late, to put it mildly, and has struggled to stop the bleeding. Market share has been dropping like a stone and the company is now in full retreat mode.

Shares in RIM fell on Thursday after the corporation announced that it planned to cut jobs. Along with this, RIM revealed fiscal numbers that were below expectations. Profit outlook was slashed up as a result and many believe that the once dominant company is on its way down in flames in a royal hurry.

4. Rogers to Launch LTE Network In Ottawa This Summer

Although a little late to the 4G party, its looks like Canada will finally be introduced to next generation wireless networks as Rogers has stated its intention to begin the rollout of its LTE network in Ottawa this summer, with coverage to most of Canada’s major metropolitan areas by 2012.

That said, it looks like Rogers will be the first Canadian carrier to get its LTE network to market, putting to rest the debate of who really is Canada’s fastest network…for the time being at least.

5. Hackers Stole Classified Information in Canadian Government Attack

After a slew of devastating cyber-attacks, one might say that June unofficially became “Hacker Awareness” month. Among the many high profile attacks, however, came the news that not even governments were safe from the online onslaught, as hackers gained access to both Canadian and American government websites and information. But is there any chance of stopping these hackers?

Aside from them quitting, it looks like the answer is ‘no,’ as the hackers take their business very seriously, always seemingly three steps ahead of current security protocols

6. Will Shoddy Wireless Networks Darken the Cloud?

It may be the wave of the computing future, but cloud technology and services may suffer if wireless networks struggle to handle the increased data load.  The reality is that even with the continued rollout of next generation 4G LTE wireless technology; carriers are barely able to find the bandwidth or achieve the network stability needed to keep up with the exponentially increasing data demands of today’s mobile users.

Add to that the cloud’s constant connection with third party servers and it means a significant increase in data traffic, an issue that has left wireless carriers wondering if the cloud means that there’s a serious storm on the horizon.

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