WP7 Marketplace Crosses 25,000 Apps Mark

by Gaurav Kheterpal on July 5, 2011

Microsoft loves Android. In fact, it’s widely believed that Microsoft is making more money off Android than its own Windows Phone 7 OS. The Windows giant has made the most out of the ongoing Android boom to strengthen its financial position and step up its WP7 efforts.

In May, the company announced an update of its Windows Phone software dubbed Mango that includes a whopping 500 features, including Internet Explorer 9, integrated Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, access to over 17,000 applications.

A recent report indicates that Windows Phone 7 marketplace has passed the 25,000 apps mark. While those numbers are no match for the Apple App Store and Android Market, it’s no mean achievement considering the fact that most WP7 devices are still very much in their infancy.

Microsoft said more than 2,000 apps have been added to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in the last two weeks. A noticeable entry in that list is ‘Angry Birds‘ which ‘at last’ made its entry in the Windows Phone Marketplace—a few hours ahead of schedule. More than half of WP7 Marketplace apps (51 per cent) are free, 30 per cent are paid apps and the remaining 19 per cent are paid apps with a free trial period. Games constitute 17 per cent of the apps followed by books (13 per cent) and entertainment apps (11 per cent).

Though a Nokia-branded Windows Phone 7 remains a distant reality at the moment, Nokia claims credit for bringing a large number of developers to the WP7 platform. TechRadar quotes Marco Argenti, Nokia’s Senior Vice President of Developer and Marketplace who said

“After we announced our partnership with Microsoft, the amount of apps coming in to the marketplace has actually gone up quite a bit, has almost tripled. So we’ve seen this inflection point very clearly that even without launching a device because they see greater opportunities come.”

Nokia has been wooing the Symbian developer community with lucrative offers to encourage them to embrace the WinPho7 platform. The Finnish giant is offering a free Microsoft App Hub registration for the first one year to those Nokia Developer PRO and Launchpad members who are registered Ovi publishers in the countries that Microsoft supports on the App Hub.

Several analysts continue to be bullish on the long-term prospects of WP7. Analyst Chang Chi, head of Taiwan’s Market Intelligence Center, believes the WinPho7 platform will gain a global share of 17 per cent once the Nokia-Microsoft handsets are released in 2012. By 2015, IDC expects Windows Phone to be number 2 operating system worldwide behind Android.

Microsoft says it prefers quality over quantity; therefore comparisons to Apple App Store & Android Market aren’t justified. None the less, it’s still a long way to go for the Windows Phone Marketplace before it can seriously compete in the volume game.

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