Google Ready to Make Nice with Social Networking Rivals

by Jeff Wiener on July 11, 2011

Google Inc. is apparently not opposed to cooperation with Facebook and Twitter, its new social networking rivals. Better than that, Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt says that there’s room for more than one social networking giant in the world. These niceties are coming to light as Google prepares to launch Google+ to a waiting public.

While speaking to journalists at the Allen and Co. media conference in Idaho, Schmidt said it was too early to tell how well Google+ was doing or how well it would do. He did mention that the number of people trying to be part of the limited group of initial users was impressive, so that could be an indication as to the new social networking venture’s popularity.

Google+ is currently in trial mode with a limited number of users, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Speaking of Facebook, Schmidt said at the conference that he hoped Google+ would have deeper “integration” with Zuck’s social networking site and Twitter. Google has had a search deal with Twitter, but that has since expired and new terms have yet to be determined. Schmidt also said that Google had tried to tap Facebook for a way to let users of Google+ import user lists, but that reached a dead end.

Some analysts have said that Google+ will run into trouble because Facebook is far too established to move much. Taking the route of cooperation is probably a smart move given that possibility, as Google+ can grow faster through integrating with the entrenched power than it could on its own.

Schmidt believes in his product, as he should, and notes that a future with multiple social networking opportunities to share with multiple online contacts would be ideal.

Schmidt also believes that video chat will be immensely popular. Facebook may have snuffed out that flame already, though, with their recent announcement of integrating their own services with Skype.

In the end, there may be nothing left for Google+ to do but hope for partnerships with its rivals. Its success could very well depend on how well it can integrate with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, putting Schmidt and his company in a very interesting position indeed.

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Technology blog July 12, 2011 at 3:14 pm

OK so now they think they can fool facebook into giving out their users ? 🙂

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