Luxury No More: Study Reveals More Than 1/3 of US Adults Own Smartphones

by Gaurav Kheterpal on July 12, 2011

Image Courtesy The Pew Research Center

Gone are the days when smartphones were a luxury. Smartphone adoption has grown at an explosive rate in the last couple of years, especially in developed countries. A Pew Research Center study released yesterday indicates that 35 percent of US adults own smartphones.

The report also indicates that 25 percent of US adults are now doing most of their Internet browsing on their smartphones instead of computers. Ironical as it seems, more Americans own smartphones than hold a bachelor’s degree or speak another language in their homes.

As expected, the report indicates financially secure people are more likely to own a smartphone but one thing’s for sure – A smartphone is no longer a rich man’s toy!

The Pew report also found that 87 percent of the smartphone owners surveyed used their device to access the Web or e-mail at least once a day. 59 percent smartphone owners belonged to households that earned more than $75,000, and 48 percent of those polled with a college degree said that they owned smartphones. Smartphones are equally popular among non-whites as 44 percent of Latinos and blacks are smartphone users as well.

Unsurprisingly, Android (35 percent) is the most popular mobile platform, followed by iPhone and BlackBerry (24 percent each). Interestingly, Android is the preferred platform among youngsters and African-Americans. On the other hand, Blackberry and iPhone users tended to have relatively high income and education levels.

Back in January, I wrote about a Deloitte report which predicted that cellphone and tablet sales will outnumber computer sales this year. The report indicated that the world has reached a “tipping point” which will trigger the shift from standardized PC-like devices to a far more heterogeneous environment that includes smartphones and tablets. Those predictions are supported by the Pew report which indicates that nearly 90% of users said that they used their phones to access the Internet or email.

The results of this Pew Research Center study are based on a national bilingual telephone survey of 2,277 adults.

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