Apple Preps for Two Releases This Week?

by Jeff Wiener on July 19, 2011

According to sources from AppleInsider, Apple may be releasing two major products at the same time this week. The products are rumoured to be upgrades for the MacBook Air and the newest operating system, Mac OS X Lion.

The sources say that the two products will be launched on Wednesday at around 8:30 AM. A report from All Things Digital also said that the products would make their debut at some point and time this week.

The new MacBook Airs will come with 4GB of RAM instead of the standard 2GB in previous incarnations. They will also feature backlit keyboards and Thunderbolt ports, just like the MacBook Pros. Sandy Bridge processors and a minimum of 128GB of storage will be packed in to the standard models, all the better to run OS X Lion on I presume. The Airs will also include longer battery life and flash memory. Naturally they will also be thinner.

Steve Jobs has already claimed that the new Airs and OS X Lion will take lessons learned from the iPad and transport them into the world of computing. This means multi-touch gestures and a brand spankin’ new Launchpad for opening apps will probably be present on Lion.

It’s clear by now that the worlds of mobile phones and computers are colliding. Apple is leading the charge here, presenting products that are thinner and simpler to use than standard PCs. Whether this morph will take off or not remains to be seen, but early reviews of Mac OS X Lion have not been overly convincing.

There’s also a greater dependency on web-based storage, which could be a good or bad thing depending on where you sit. Security issues have always been present, but today’s rash of hackers haven’t exactly instilled the greatest of confidence in the reliability of, well, anything online. If things are destined to be dumped into the cloud, it might be better that we can actually trust the thing first.

Still, I tend to approve of most directions Apple has been taking as of late. In giving computing back to the consumers, they’ve earned a rabid fanbase. They’ve become more than a trend and, while OS X Lion and the new MacBook Airs may not reinvent the wheel, they’ll likely continue to put out valuable, reliable products for many years to come.

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