ChangeWave Survey: Americans Love The iPhone, But They Buy Android Phones!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on July 19, 2011

Last December, I wrote a post about smartphone customer loyalty trends. Back then, Android devices were no-match for the Apple iPhone even as the smartphone market was booming and manufacturers were fighting hard to retain customers in wake of stiff competition and multiple alternatives.

A recent ChangeWave survey indicates that though the Apple iPhone remains America’s most desirable handset, Android is now outselling the iPhone by some distance. However, when it comes to ‘customer satisfaction’, Windows Phone 7 users are more satisfied with their operating system than users of Google Android.

So, the iPhone is most desirable, Android sells the most and WP7 ranks among the most ‘satisfactory’ platforms. That’s what I call a ‘neutral’ survey!

Of the consumers planning to purchase a smartphone in the next three months, 46 percent of buyers would prefer an iPhone, while only 32 percent were gunning for an Android phone. ChangeWave says that the Verizon iPhone launch earlier this year effectively doubled iPhone distribution. Though Android currently tops iPhone activations in the United States, the impending iPhone 5 launch may swing the momentum back in Apple’s favor.

Only 4 percent respondents said they plan to buy a BlackBerry. This is in stark contrast to the figures reported in December 2010 when iOS, Android (~ 38 percent) and BlackBerry (~35 percent) were at near parity. While iOS and Android have grown from strength to strength, consumer preferences for RIM have remained largely flat.

Twenty-nine percent of current Apple consumers and 13 percent of non-Apple consumers say that iCloud will make them more likely to purchase an Apple product in the future.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the iPhone rules the roost as 70% of iOS customers stated they are “very satisfied” with the platform. About half of Android users are “very satisfied.” When it comes to Microsoft mobile platforms, only 27% are ’very satisfied’ but there’s a catch – 57% are ’very satisfied’ with Windows Phone 7 compared with only 14% for Windows Mobile. Given the limited number of Windows Phone 7 users out there, it’s no mean achievement that WP7 ranks higher in customer satisfaction than Android.

ChangeWave surveyed 4,163 consumers to take a fresh look at smart phone demand trends – including mobile OS and smart phone preferences going forward. The survey included 89% U.S. respondents and 11% outside the U.S.

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