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by Guest on August 1, 2011

Earlier last week, Google made an announcement that it will be introducing the new Call Metrics novelty to all Canada and US advertisers. Call Metrics was first launched in November last year, under Google Chrome beta, when calls were free in the limited trial field. In May however, Google applied charges of $1 for each complete call. With the Bid-to-call market place being hinted at already, this price is most likely going to increase soon.

Call Metrics has made it possible for advertisers to display toll-free numbers. These numbers are automatically generated by Google Voice and displayed on text ads on The number appears along side the text ads or below them, so it falls within the 95 character text and headline limit. When calls are made to that number, the call details are then available in the reporting interface of the AdWords.

Even though Call Metrics is available to Click-to-Call advertisers as well, it is still a separate system. In the case of Click-to-Call advertisers, Call Metrics instead displays numbers next to the advertisement on any device, such as a Notebook, PC, Mobile or Tablet. However, the pricing remains the same whether Call Metrics is being used or not.

The question is, will Call Metrics be useful or of benefit to advertisers at all? Firstly, the visibility of the phone number from a search engine result page is definitely increased, which is a huge benefit for advertisers who basically rely on phone calls to generate sales or leads. For businesses that deal with complex sale cycles (such as insurance companies) or local businesses (such as plumbers) that have a phone number with an ad, Call Metrics potentially increases the Click-Thru-Rates along with the visibility of the phone numbers. In addition to that, it also provides customers two options – the click or call. Instead of just forcing customers to “click” on advertisements, they will also be having a second option of “calling” the businesses. This offers advertisers the opportunity to drive more sales in a more engaged way, and also enhances the experience of users.

The trial field results show the calls being received through Call Metrics are of high quality, and so far, Google has successfully connected over 5 million phone calls for thousands of businesses. Also, all calls lasted for six minutes on an average.

Now secondly, the superior reporting features of businesses using Call Metrics already gives them the benefit of tracking down where the customer phone calls are coming from. Each individual call displays the time, duration and area code or the aggregate data from non-mobile devices. This will greatly help advertisers to promote their bidding strategies and campaigns based on ROI.

Google’s introduction of this product may be of great catch to Google as time goes by. For now Call Metrics still lacks some tracking features that other major competitors presently offer. Once Google rectifies this, it will definitely be able to take a larger share in the tracking and telecom market.

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