Top Six Posts for July 2011

by Jeff Wiener on August 2, 2011

1. Table Scraps: Nortel Patent Auction Closes

It’s officially the end of an era. This month finally saw the unfortunate conclusion to the 116-year epic story that was Nortel Networks Corp. The once great Canadian company saw the last of its patent portfolio auctioned off this month, a process in itself that has taken almost a year to complete. The long-awaited auction secured an estimated $4.5 billion, which will likely be used to pay off remaining creditors.

For me, however, the day the news came down that the auction had finally closed was one of disappointment, as it was hard to remain optimistic about the tech and telecommunications industry in this country when one of the biggest and best companies has come and gone.

2. Wireless Spectrum and the American Debt Crisis

Can wireless spectrum keep the American government from hitting the debt ceiling? While the notion initially sounds ludicrous, with the country dangerously close to defaulting on its debts, an event that would be nothing short of a global economic catastrophe, both Democratic and Republican representatives are scrambling to prepare their own escape plans, desperate to find ways to lower spending or find additional sources of revenue.

It is here that the impending wireless spectrum debate comes into play, as the $15 billion in revenues generated from the spectrum auction could help assuage some of the debt crisis.

3. RIM to Review Ownership Structure

Its been another tough month for Waterloo’s Research in Motion, as slumping revenues and a continued decline in global interest in the Blackberry brand led to promises of review and reshuffling, particularly as it pertains to RIM’s top heavy management structure.

But this month saw those changes come and go, with RIM cutting some 2,000 jobs as part of its restructuring plan, with the company’s complacent management team once again going untouched. Can RIM survive with so many bodies at the top? With it being a statistical rarity for management intensive companies to survive, the future continues to look bleak.

4. Samsung Galaxy S II: 5 Million Sold In 3 Months and Counting!

What a month it’s been for Samsung. Aside from welcomed a key RIM executive from the Playbook project onto its staff, the technology company posted record breaking sales numbers for its new Galaxy S II, showing the global mobile market that there truly can be a serious single phone competitor to Apple’s extraordinarily popular iPhone.

Samsung announced that it has moved a whopping five million units in three months, most of which were in Europe, Asia, and to a lesser extent, Latin America. The Galaxy S II has yet to hit stores in North America, which many are waiting for to see just how well Samsung can compete with Apple on the latter’s home turf.

5. Google+ Steps In to Challenge Facebook

Looking to create a rival for Facebook in the social networking market, Google rolled out its Google+ social media service this month, and with some 20 million views in the first few weeks, it may have enough appeal to actually steal some users away from Mark Zuckerberg and Co.

It’s a move that will likely usher in a new age of social networking and search engine integration, providing people with a one stop online hub for their technological existence. In fact, should Google have any success with this new project, we might just see Facebook enter the fray with search engine of its own.

6. MySpace Sells for $35 Million

It’s a story that didn’t garner much attention this past month, but one that clearly demonstrates the technological changing of the guard. Once a jewel in the crown of Rupert Murdoch News Corporation Empire, purchased in 2005 for $580 million, one of the original social networking giants MySpace was sold this past month for a relatively paltry $35 million.

While certainly a sale that’s hard to swallow, it just goes to show how companies like Facebook has gained control of our social networking lives, allowing us to all but forget how we used to do things on the almost obsolete MySpace.

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