RIM’s New Products: “We Are Making a Statement”

by Jordan Richardson on August 4, 2011

In one of its most resolute product launches in company history, Research In Motion is banking on the concurrent launch of a trio of new products to help pull out of the current nosedive. RIM is taking an unusual step in launching the three goodies around the world at the same time, thus demonstrating its global hold on the markets.

“We are making a statement,” said Patrick Spence, RIM’s managing director of global sales and regional marketing, in a phone interview with The Globe and Mail from London. “The ability to execute across this many carriers, across this many markets … How many [companies] bring three fantastic smart phones to market at the same time, and are able to execute on that? Definitely, it’s a statement, in terms of continuing to build on our rich heritage, and an even better BlackBerry experience.”

RIM has, of course, struggled to maintain market share in North America. In order to achieve effective growth, it has to look elsewhere. That’s just what this launch is set to do, with RIM especially zeroing in on markets in Africa and South Asia.

The Waterloo company will use a whopping 225 wireless operators internationally to launch the three devices, banking on a blitz that will hopefully banish the bad taste of the PlayBook launch to the far reaches of the blogosphere.

The high-end Bold BlackBerry models will receive upgrades that will include touchscreens. Three Torch models will feature no keyboards, going the all touchscreen route. All new BlackBerry models, five in all (BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, Torch 9850, 9860 and Torch 9810), will run on the new version of the BlackBerry operating system.

This may be another case of RIM being more than a few steps behind, however. So-called “super phones” are already being unloaded on carriers and RIM lacks one. While they are making improvements to its core product line, they aren’t up to par with the super phones and, as such, will continue to pay catch-up.

Bell, Telus and Rogers will be offering three of the new BlackBerry products, including the new Torches, this month. AT&T will launch one Torch in the States this month, with a Torch and a Bold to follow later in the year.

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