Rumoured iPhone 5 Release Set for October

by Matt Klassen on August 18, 2011

Amongst the swirling maelstrom of rumours surrounding the release date for Apple’s next iPhone, about the only thing market analysts and bloggers can seem to agree upon is that come later summer or early fall Apple is indeed doing something…I think.

In fact, there is so much variance in the opinions as to what Apple will actually be releasing and when it will release it, that it’s actually no longer clear if we’ve getting the iPhone 5 at all.

The latest rumour to make its rounds is that Apple has quietly pegged October 7th as the official release date for the iPhone 5, a date that would place the unveiling of the new smartphone sometime in September.

But if you think that we’re getting closer to understanding what Apple is actually doing, well, you wouldn’t know Apple, as contradictions and misinformation abound. Is Apple only releasing an iPhone 4GS? Is Apple releasing an affordable global iPhone? Is it releasing both, or neither? Of course no one really knows the answers, and that’s just the way Apple likes it.

Unfortunately when we’re talking about iPhone rumours we’re actually talking about Apple’s brilliant marketing machine, an entity that is deviously adept at spinning half-truths and fabrications in order to turn something totally expected—like the summer/fall release of the next iPhone—into something totally secret—is it a global phone? A new phone? A revamped phone?

Like some covert spy agency, not being able to hide the truth of an impending device release, Apple has simply surrounded the truth in similar sounding lies, leaving us to weed through the misinformation.

So what do we think we know so far? First, although Apple broke away from its June phone release schedule, its modus operandi dictates that it will release a phone this year. Second, production schedules of iPhone parts point to a September/October release date. Third, we’ve heard Apple speak openly about bringing the iPhone into emerging markets, a move that would require a more affordable version of the phone.

In addition to those rumours, the emergence of cloud technology has led some to speculate that the new iPhone will incorporate some sort of cloud-based storage system, something more at home on a new iPhone 5 rather than a revamped iPhone 4GS.

Now the market buzz is that Apple and its production partners are gearing up for an October launch, as the Cupertino Company is cutting back on its iPhone 4 and 3GS orders for that exact time. So is October 7th the new day to look forward too? Unfortunately there’s little in the way of agreement on that either, as some company’s are hinting that the newest iPhone, whatever it will be, may be hitting stores as early as September 7th.

For me, being no great fan of Apple, I will admit that I’m waiting with bated breath to see whether we do in fact see a brand new iPhone or perhaps a revamped affordable iPhone 4 global option, but all I really know is that whether Apple is marketing to North Americans or the emerging world mobile markets, it’s about to make money… lots of money.

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