Telus Building New Data Centre in Kamloops

by Jordan Richardson on August 23, 2011

In what is being called a win-win situation, Telus has paid the Kamloops-Thompson School District $7 million in order to purchase land on Kamloops’ South Shore. The plan is for the telecommunications giant to build a brand spankin’ new data centre there.

The property is 11.5 acres and the data centre will be constructed sometime next year.

The land was apparently never intended to house a school, so the district was able to sell it to Telus without much trouble. The area is said to be in line to benefit from the arrival of the data centre in many ways, as an influx of jobs in the telecommunications field will mean positive outcomes.

“It’s exposure for Kamloops in that we’ll be seen as a technology centre with major projects like this,” said Dan Sulz, executive director of Venture Kamloops. He added that the location was ideal for a data centre.

Telus spokesman Shawn Hall added that the company had been considering building a data centre in the area for a while now. Apparently a deal was in orbit last year, but the current agreement was finalized recently. Because of the strong work force, the access to power and the stability of the location from an environmental standpoint, Hall says that it’s a match made in telecom heaven.

An estimated 200 jobs will be available at the data centre, although it’s hard to put hard numbers down until the location is up and running.  There will also be jobs created because of the construction of the building. An environmental assessment of the land will take place before any construction and plans will be put into action to put together the high security facility. It’ll largely house customer data, such as banking information and health records.

There’s also the matter of the $7 million paid to the school district, as the cash will help fund various capital projects. The school district initially acquired the property for $1.3 million, so it’s a bit of a windfall. Provincial legislation says that the district can’t use cash from the sale to fund things like day-to-day operations, so the money will be directed to the capital reserve instead.

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