Unthink Aims Social Revolution at Facebook

by Matt Klassen on August 29, 2011

Facebook lures users with promises of free social networking, what users give up for it, Orwellian social media company Unthink argues, is actually their freedom.

Advertising itself not as a social network but a social revolution, Unthink burst onto the social media scene this past week (after several years in secret development) and it’s quickly taking aim at the systemic privacy issues that plague both social network mainstay Facebook and relative newcomer Google+.

The problem, Unthink representatives argue, is not simply that Facebook and cheaply produced clone Google+ play fast and loose with your privacy, its that they are built to exploit your privacy, earn money off your personal information, and keep your firmly trapped under their respective thumbs.

To be fair, Unthink is not creating this discontent, its simply recognizing and building off of it, as global user discontent with Facebook in particular has hit an all time high. For Unthink this discontent clearly signals the end of the social networking honeymoon, the perfect time for change. Are you ready for the revolution?

In a way mirroring the real estate bubble in America that brought much of the global economy to its knees, social media company Unthink is warning of a similar trend in the social networking sphere. Some 500 million users have built their virtual social networking house, their digital existence even; on the Facebook bubble, but what will they do when that bubble bursts?

Its no secret that there are serious systemic issues that plague current social networking options, from privacy compromises, the endless stream of pointless advertising, the always fluid and changing user terms, and of course the endless redesigns and pointless additions.

In fact, things have become so bad that many users don’t even realize the dictatorial power that Facebook has over people’s lives. Now, with user discontent at its highest levels ever, Unthink arrives on the scene with what it says is a much needed solution.

So what is Unthink?At the outset it strikes me as simply yet another social networking option in a veritable haystack of other options, the difference potentially being the Tampa-based company’s philosophy. Where traditional social networking sites like Facebook view user content and interactions as content that can be translated into profit, Unthink offers users the ability to create their own social networking experience, minus the advertising, the pop-ups, and the stolen personal information.

Further, Unthink promotes itself as the democratic social network, diametrically opposed to the draconian control that Facebook—and clone Google+—exerts over its users. As the company’s manifesto states: “We’ve been waiting for things to change. We are not waiting any more.” Its a mission statement that Unthink founder and CEO Natasha Dedis truly takes to heart, stating that Unthink “believe(s) that anyone can be extraordinary; that anyone can bring the change they want to see in the world. Our mission is to emancipate social media and unleash people’s extraordinary potential. Our – not so covert – mission is to spark a social revolution. We believe in people.”

So, if you find yourself at odds with your social networking options, if you’re tired of living under the thumb of Mark Zuckerberg, if you simply don’t want to feel like a social media commodity, perhaps you should join the social revolution, perhaps its time to be an unthinker. Click here to find out more.

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