After Ottawa, Rogers Set To Roll Out LTE Network In Toronto

by Gaurav Kheterpal on August 31, 2011

When it comes to LTE, there’s no doubt that Rogers is well ahead of any other Canadian wireless carrier in the game. Last month, Rogers launched Canada’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless network in Ottawa. Back then, the carrier then announced it will reach Canada’s top 25 markets by the end of 2012.

To that effect, Rogers yesterday announced that it will launch new, high-speed mobile network technology across Toronto on September 28th. Vancouver and Montreal are the next stops for the Rogers LTE bandwagon and these regions are expected to come on board later this fall.

The carrier also reiterated its commitment to roll out LTE devices this fall. These include the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, an HTC smartphone, LTE Internet sticks from Sierra and Rogers, and an LTE-ready tablet to be produced by “a leading manufacturer.”

There’s no doubt that Rogers holds a massive early-mover advantage in the LTE segment. While rivals Bell and Telus won’t launch LTE services before early next year, Rogers accelerated LTE deployment plans have surprised analyst and even company executives. Rogers maintains that bagging the lion’s share of LTE early adopters has always been its goal and its team has worked hard to advance the roll out by months.

LTE delivers mobile broadband at speeds several times faster than the HSPA+ technology, that’s used by rivals Bell and Telus. As the fourth generation of wireless networking, LTE promises users speeds up to 10x faster than the current 3G network, ostensibly making one’s wireless connection as fast as many users wired home Internet connection. But even though LTE boasts increased data transfer speeds, that doesn’t mean anything if the networks aren’t capable of handling the data traffic itself, a problem that will only continue to get worse. Though Rogers claims to have one of the most advanced wireless networks in the nation but whether it’s good enough to deal with extra burden of LTE remains to be seen.

Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed has no doubt that LTE is the future and it would “fuel Canada’s digital economy” in this century. He points out that LTE is already used by Verizon and AT&T in the United States so there are no question marks over its reliability.

The press release from Rogers states

“Starting on September 28, you will have access to the Rogers LTE network. At launch, the Rogers LTE Rocket™ stick will be available so that you can plug into your laptop to access top speeds.  Today, LTE devices are capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 75 Mbps and Ottawa LTE customers are experiencing typical download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps. Later this year, Rogers will offer an LTE device will be capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. As device selection evolves, maximum theoretical download speeds on the Rogers network will increase to up to 150 Mbps.”

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