Cisco In Trouble Over Human Rights Violation

by Gaurav Kheterpal on September 7, 2011

Cisco last month reported quarterly results that beat analyst’s projections after the company cut jobs and drop businesses. Though CEO John Chambers hailed it as the ‘The Next Cisco’, some things don’t seem to have changed. There’s little doubt that Cisco is a world-class company with several innovative products, however when it comes to ‘people aspect’, the company clearly needs to do better.

In April, I wrote a post on how Cisco reportedly orchestrated the arrest of Multiven founder Peter Alfred-Adekeye last year in order to force a settlement of Multiven’s antitrust lawsuit against Cisco. A former Cisco engineer, he was arrested for allegedly hacking into the Cisco’s network.

And now Cisco is in trouble for aiding the tracking and torture of Chinese citizens through its technology. A human right group claims it has conclusive evidence proving the tech giant tailored its technology to enable torture and tracking of Chinese people.

Just when you though the worst was over, Cisco finds a way to put itself back into trouble.

The Human Rights group in question is known as ‘Human Rights Law Foundation’ and it claims to have evidence that Cisco trained Chinese officials in how to spy on net users. Interestingly, Cisco is already involved in another case in which Chinese political prisoners claimed they were tortured and suppressed thanks to technology and training provided to the Chinese Communist Party by Cisco.

The group claims the ‘Golden Shield Project’ is a brainchild of Cisco CEO John Chambers and Jiang Zemin – “the founder of the persecutory campaign against Falun Gong.” For what it’s worth, the Golden Shield Project is used by the Chinese government to eliminate references to politically sensitive topics such as Tiananmen Square. In fact, it’s this very reason that sites such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China.

The group claims that several top Cisco executives, including Chambers, knew of the campaign of torture and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China but authorised and participated in the Golden Shield project anyway.

If the violations are proven in court, it would be a major embarrassment for Cisco as it has always claimed it has done no more than sell stock standard technology to the Chinese regime.

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