Amazon Website Redesign sparks Tablet Rumours

by Matt Klassen on September 9, 2011

Its looks like big changes are coming to, as the world’s largest e-commerce company has unveiled its multi-step plan to completely revamp its website. While the changes themselves are newsworthy on their own merit, the rumoured reason behind the changes is what has the tech world waiting with bated breath.

The news of Amazon’s graduated redesign process comes alongside the persistent rumours that the world’s largest online retailer is set to release its own tablet device, expanding the current functionality of tablets from largely entertainment platforms to mobile shopping platforms as well.

It is with these rumours in mind that the redesign of the website becomes big news, as many are speculating that the less cluttered, cleaner website layout is suited perfectly for a mobile device’s touchscreen. But even if there is no Amazon tablet waiting in the wings, these changes are clearly designed to change the way we shop online. 

Rumours aside for a moment, even if the release of an Amazon tablet isn’t as imminent as everyone thinks it is, revamping the website to make it more tablet friendly is, quite simply, a good business move.

As tablets become increasingly popular and as the devices continue to replace the PC as the go-to computing platform, it behoves companies like Amazon to follow their customers, creating a website that is easy to use regardless of what kind of device you have.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The new site emphasizes Amazon’s digital goods over its physical ones. On the old site, a column of buttons leads users to both electronic content and physical goods, such as toys, clothing and sporting gear. On the new site, a single row of buttons advertises only digital books, music, video and software.

So why are these website changes giving life to the Amazon tablet rumours? First, as mentioned, the streamlining and redesign is clearly meant for the mobile browser, with the removal of many buttons, a larger search bar, and the removal of the navigation bar—all things that make touchscreen interface easier.

Second, the redesign has many similarities to Amazon’s current iPad app, WindowShop, and making the changes universal means Amazon is looking to reach a wider tech demographic.

While none of this strikes me as the smoking gun needed to prove the speculation that Amazon is set to release its own tablet, is does nevertheless provide strong circumstantial evidence that the timing would be perfect for Amazon to make such a move.

Again, as tablets increasingly replace PCs, the platform for online retail will change right along with it. Amazon’s redesign has turned its website into a streamlined digital catalogue, and what better selling feature for a  new tablet device than the fact that it is the only one currently that providers users with a PC-like surfing and purchasing experience?

In the end, if Amazon is able to sync its own online retail site with a powerful and popular mobile operating system and offer it at a competitive price, the big news may very well be that we’ll finally see a successful tablet not made by Apple.

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