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by Allan Harris on September 26, 2011

Google has amazed the world with its Google Voice technology introducedalmost a year ago. After its success, Google has integrated its Google Voice technology with its famous email platform, Gmail. Now it is possible to place voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls from your Gmail account to any landline or mobile number. The service was limited to a few areas at the time of launch – the United States and Canada.

For those who do not know, Google Voice has been engineered to work with Smartphones while Gmail Voice has been engineered to work with desktops.

Calls placed using Gmail Voice to any numbers within United States and Canada is free till 2011, according to Google officials. If you wish to place an international call, you will be charged the lowest rate of 0.02 cents per minute.

Given the popularity of Gmail Voice, Google is now launching the service in 38 different countries globally with the lowest possible rates. An official Google Blog post stated that the Gmail Voice service is going global soon. To have a better appeal, Gmail Voice is being translated in 39 languages, with payment options in different currencies and low international calling rates to all the destinations in the world. Similar to Skype, you can purchase Google calling credit using US dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars and Euros. There is no feature yet installed for paying in yen, yuan or Indian rupees. For EU customers, VAT will be applicable on the calling credit as per the rules of the EU system.

A list of approved countries will be posted on the web or near the Gmail function of the “countries in which Gmail Voice is available”. In addition, you will be able to see a small green phone icon if you are in the qualified country to use Gmail Voice. You will however, need to install a voice and video plug-in, if you do not have one. I am sure you knew this.

If you are using the Google application and wish to avail the Gmail Voice service, you will have to configure voice calling in your application with the help of Google IT administration. You can use the service only after the Google Apps domain administrator enables Google Checkout and Google Voice in the control panel.

The main competitor of Google Voice and Gmail Voice is Skype, which is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft. It is going to be a war when both giants compete to get business and consumer VoIP market just like a continuous battle on the office and email front.

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