iPhone 5 to hit the market soon – fact or fiction

by Allan Harris on September 27, 2011

If you are hearing about it now then you have crossed the finish line too late. Rob Shoesmith, a UK resident, has already beaten you to the finish line. Camping outside the Apple Store in London’s Covet Garden District, is a crazy iPhone fan that is first in line to get the new rumored iPhone 5. Rob plans to camp out in front of the store till the new iteration is released. According to him, it is not the phone that is exciting; it is the perks for being the first in line for Apple product. Soon enough after his camping, he was swarmed by news vans and reporters who wanted to get in his head.

Already racking up the perks and media publicity, he is publicly advertising the stuff he is receiving as sponsorships and gifts on his blogging website.

This is just the beginning of what craze is in store when the next Apple iPhone will be released. Some believe that the phone will be called iPhone 5 while others say it will be named iPhone 4S. It is widely speculated that the new version of the iPhone will come out in September or October, although no official release date has been given by the company. Different rumors are being heard such as a report posted on Gizmodo said that AT&T is banning all employees’ vacation time during September and October to handle the big launch.

It is pretty exciting to hear different views and anticipations of what the next generation phone will carry. Apple still hasn’t stepped up to clear the rumors and give an official verdict on the new iPhone release. Many iPhone fans speculate that the screen will be 4-inches while others argue that the screen size will remain the same, which is 3.5 inches. Many blogs have published pictures of a tapered shape iPhone which is believed to be the next iPhone look, yet the majority claim that the phone will maintain its original style and look. A majority of the claims are made that the iPhone will be thinner which can be true, as the model has been becoming thinner with each version.

New Smartphone technology called the near-field communication or NFC is rumored to be a part of the new phone. It is technology that can enable a phone to be used as a digital wallet at stores. Apple’s A5 dual core processor is also speculated to be installed in place of a single A4 chip.

Whether the rumors are true or not, it is a matter of time. You have to wait and get in line behind Rob Shoesmith to find out.

Written by: Allan Harris. www.digitcom.ca.

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JC September 27, 2011 at 12:11 pm

What a rambling, incoherent piece.

“Whether the rumors are true or not, it is only a matter of time?” What does that even mean? And how is Rob Shoesmith “at the finish line” of anything if all he’s doing is waiting in line for a rumored product?

And really, without any sources or links to what the speculation is, it’s kind of a useless article you’ve got here.

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