Cisco and Next Generation Mobility

by Allan Harris on September 28, 2011

Sports and fans of the entertainment industry will be thrilled to hear that they can now enjoy rich and interactive gaming experiences from any place and at any time. This is due to the Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, which is the first of its kind designed particularly for high-density areas such as arenas and stadiums to enhance the performance and bandwidth of the wireless communication. As the Smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled devices continue to climb the stairs to the skies, audience and spectators at sporting events need continuous connectivity for a fast mobile experience.

The Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi is a customized solution to provide a highly secure and single wireless network. It enables real-time access to mobile applications to hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously who have gathered to witness a sport and create new business ventures for themselves, teams, and operators.

This technology was developed in Cisco Gulf. The Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi is a solution for the challenges that wireless connectivity brought within crowded areas or venues. This technology will be highly beneficial in the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This will allow fans to have a more interactive and enhanced mobile application experience along with continuous connectivity. This technology will truly transform the experience of audiences in arenas and stadiums, giving a boost to entertainment and sports industry not just in one region, but around the world wherever the technology is installed.

Features of Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi

The core of this technology lies in the wireless technology known as Cisco Aironet 3500p Access Point combined with CleanAir technology. These two technologies have been optimized to provide a Wi-Fi solution. It is designed to provide access point connectivity to cater the aesthetic and performance needs of the high-density areas. This new point provides connectivity through a directional antenna and a tailored configuration that enables the precise flow of wireless airwaves into a certain high-density area. The antenna is designed to resemble a flat-panel shape which enables it to blend in the environment easily.

Cisco Aironet 3500p can be customized to suit the needs of the various sports and entertainment locations for efficiency. On the other hand, CleanAir technology helps in minimizing wireless interferences from different wireless connections in the area by detecting and avoiding them. Thus, better Wi-Fi coverage is available to the audience increasing the mobility capability.

As a result of this technology, new doors have opened to the next-generation mobility for teams, venues and telecom providers. Cisco, therefore, continues to enjoy a leadership position in the Wi-Fi industry creating a benchmark for others to follow.

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