New RIM Super phone

by Allan Harris on September 29, 2011

RIM is soon going to launch its new QNX-powered super phone in the market. The release date has not been given, but a lot of speculation and rumors have already started going around. Many critics conclude that the phone will be half-baked and feature-poor because of a single-core operating processor that lacks email support. The company wants to get the phone on the shelves as soon as possible, without getting everything right about it. Clearly it does not make sense to anyone, let alone the company.

These are just rumors. But as time has always proven, rumors regarding new devices especially cell phones often come true. In case of RIM’s new super phone, the rumors are worth doubting.

Single-core processor or multi-core processor

The market for RIM is overflowing with rumors that the new phone will lack the multi-core processor that is now been used commonly in Smartphones; no native email support for BES which even RIM’s Playbook lacked when it was released; and an ActiveSync requirement for email.

These rumors are highly skeptical due to many reasons. First, a Smartphone’s performance cannot be judged based on the number of core processors it has. This is because the core is not directly related to the overall performance of the cell phone. Theoretically, it is correct that multi-core processors enable Smartphones to perform better, but this is not always the case. The performance is dependent on the operating system and the application support as well as the tuning of the settings with the system.

Sometimes a single-core processor outshines a multi-core processor with high performance and long battery life. If you don’t take our word, ask one of the hundreds who are using multi-core enabled phones especially the ones with 4G capability. You will be surprised to hear that they have to charge their cell phones once every day and sometimes twice if they are running more applications. Therefore, the performance of the to-be-released Super phone should not be judged on the core processor.

RIM is producing multi-cored powered phones such as the new Blackberry. The QNX system operates on dual core therefore there is no question of RIM’s capability of using dual core system.

BES/BIS system

Another speculation that has taken over the market is that the new Super phone will not have BES/BIS feature, thus disabling the Blackberry email compliant feature. This rumor is worth doubting. Since the new phone is supposed to be operating on a QNX system, which is installed in Playbook with BES feature, it is highly suspicious that a QNX operated phone will not have the same.

Many say that ActiveSync will be allowed to connect to email which is not a bad thing as SMBs usually bypass BES and directly connect with the Exchange.

Bottom Line

RIM is a top manufacturer of the Blackberry device. It will not let its reputation be shattered by a half-baked phone sitting on the shelves. Since the company wishes to recapture the downsizing Blackberry market share, it will give its new phone a super charge to compete with other Smartphones. The new phone is supposed to be released next year. So let’s wait and see how far the rumors are true.

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