RIM introduces touch screen

by Allan Harris on September 30, 2011

When we hear the word BlackBerry, keyboard comes to our mind. This is because of its keyboard like keypad that was first introduced with Smartphones. Despite the popularity of BlackBerry synonymous with keyboard, its manufacturer RIM is bent on introducing a touch screen BlackBerry Smartphone.

The new phone named BlackBerry Torch 9860 will be available on the shelves in September according to Optus. The question is “Will this new phone avoid the fall or go back to the manufacturer’s warehouse like BlackBerry Storm?”

There is no secret that the previous attempt by RIM to introduce full-touch screen Smartphones was a failure. The original BlackBerry Storm 9500 had faulty software, not to mention the horrible touch screen. The BlackBerry Storm 9520, although an improvement, legged well behind the race of touch screen Smartphones made by Apple and HTC. As the saying goes “the third time is the charm”, let’s hope that the third attempt on introducing a workable touch screen Smartphone pays off for RIM.

Features of Torch 9860

When you first look at the BlackBerry Torch 9860, you will see a 3.7 inch touch screen. It is the largest screen ever seen on a BlackBerry. The phone has been designed with decent specifications. It operates on a single-core 1.2 GHz processor with 768MB RAM. It has a five megapixel camera with LED flash and capability of recording up to 720p HD video. In addition to a MicroSD card, it has an internal memory of 4GB. It is a full power packed memory phone which is an improvement compared to other BlackBerry models.

As far as the technology is considered, RIM has improved the BlackBerry operating technology with a fast Web browser, separate personal content management and corporate content management, voice-activated searches and a number of productivity applications.

In addition, the new phone is integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC) chip which is a short-range wireless technology.

Comparison with other touch screen phones

Although these features make Torch 9860 stand out among BlackBerry phones, it does not contain any feature that can directly compete with the popularity of the iPhone, HTC and Android phones. The touch screen, although big for a BlackBerry, cannot measure to Apple’s iPhone 4 retina resolution or the vibrancy and size of the Samsung Galaxy SII’s AMOLED screen. The plastic design of BlackBerry Torch 9860 flickers in front of the iPhone 4’s steel frame or the 8.5mm frame of the Samsung Galaxy SII.

The applications used on BlackBerry are considered an outdated technology compared to Apple and Android-based applications.

In short, although the BlackBerry Torch 9860 is a much better phone compared to it predecessors, RIM will be facing a tough market that is already overtaken by iPhone and Android phones.

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