Apple Disappoints with the iPhone 4S

by Matt Klassen on October 5, 2011

Stop the speculation, the iPhone 5 has finally….wait a minute, that’s not the iPhone 5! Although lacking the controversy of last year’s unveiling of the iPhone 4, which saw Gizmodo steal much of the thunder by releasing the phone’s specifications a month before its release, this year’s unveiling was nevertheless equally as disappointing, making me wonder if perhaps Apple’s first Steve Jobs-less event could have used a little more controversy to spice things up.

With many hoping for the long awaited announcement of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 smartphone, the world was forced to settle with the relatively lacklustre unveiling of the iPhone 4S. Visually a carbon copy of its predecessor, Apple was quick to point out, however, that the components of both phones could not be more different, with the new 4S sporting a faster more powerful processor in addition to host of other improvements.

But is the new iPhone 4S the latest innovative mobile device or simply an incremental upgrade over its predecessor? Here’s a look at the improvements to Apple’s newest phone and then you can decide whether it will be enough to satiate the public’s desire for the latest and greatest gadgets.

Unfortunately for all of us waiting to see what Apple had in store, there wasn’t much in the official release of the iPhone 4S that the tech world hadn’t already guessed. As mentioned in previous articles, the various gizmos and gadgets on the new the phone will be powered by a beefy dual-core A5 CPU processor, which today had become an industry standard. The screen will have moderately better resolution, but will in essence still be the same iPhone 4 technology.

Further, as I expected, Apple has improved the camera on the iPhone 4S, ramping it up again to an industry standard 8-megapixel and sporting light and image capturing technology that Apple is selling as “the kind of stuff you talk about with high-end dSLRs.”

But marketing aside, what has Apple really given us? There’s no question that the iPhone 4S delivers some modest advancements, but its nothing more than the usual incremental upgrades; features that will put the iPhone technologically on par with the rest of the mobile industry. With the 4S ostensibly a mirror image of its predecessor, many were wondering if it would suffer from the same design flaws, like the antenna, to which Apple has promised that all such drawbacks have been significantly improved.

So the real question becomes, what has Apple not given us? First, the phone is not 4G LTE compliant, with Apple settling instead on making it compliant with bastardized HSPA+ 4G networks. Sure the 4S will run faster than the iPhone 4, but it’s doubtful that it will reach true 4G speeds.

Second, there was no mention of NFC compliance, meaning that it’s doubtful the iPhone 4S will be usable as a mobile payment system, a technology considered to be on the cutting edge.

Add these things to the fact that Apple showed little in the way of innovation or advancement during yesterday’s unveiling and a rational person may assume that the 4S will be nothing short of a market flop, but of course rationality has little place in the minds of Apple consumers the world over.

So with that said, consider your October 14th now booked, spent waiting in line at AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint to spend $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB, or $399 for the 64GB version of a phone that’s pretty much identical to the one you’re already holding.

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