Motorola puts its Work Boots On: Targets Enterprise Market

by Matt Klassen on October 11, 2011

While its sister company Motorola Mobility may cater to the flashier consumer mobile market, designing and developing the latest in Android-powered super-phones, Motorola Solutions has long been the yeoman of the technology industry, offering its own brand of unobtrusive but nevertheless mission critical technology to enterprise and government clients.

That’s why when Motorola Solutions takes a stab at producing a tablet device it doesn’t design some flimsy consumer-oriented option, but instead puts its work boots on and creates an enterprise device that businesses will be salivating over. Sure this announcement may not have the glitz and glamour of the latest Apple release, but that’s not really what Motorola is going for anyways.  

To that end, this past weekend Motorola also officially announced the launch of RhoElements, a web-based application framework born of its merger with RhoMobile, the cross-platform application development platform it acquired this past July. Specifically designed for enterprise users, if your business utilizes Windows-based computers or handsets, you’ll want to pay attention to this.

Starting with the latter, the announcement that Motorola Solutions has started to integrate its RhoMobile acquisition into its current suite of enterprise application development tools with RhoElements is really only the beginning of what Motorola has planned, with the company publicly stating that it is planning to release additional cross-platform “development tools, enterprise integration components and cloud-based services for its channel partners and customers in the months ahead.”

Its first release, RhoElements, is an HTML5/JavaScpript/CSS framework that will allow “businesses to quickly and cost-effectively develop and deploy web-based applications on their existing Windows Embedded Handheld (Windows Mobile) and Windows Embedded Compact (Win-CE) mobile computers,” as well as the recently announced ET1 Android-based enterprise tablet the company has designed.

Again, while nothing glamorous, Motorola has created an application development framework for the enterprise technology that businesses actually use, instead of one that focuses on the bleeding edge of likely unreliable upgrades.

In conjunction with this announcement, Motorola also unveiled its new enterprise tablet offering, the ET1. While not quite the first in the emerging enterprise tablet market, despite what the company says in its press release, the ET1 is specifically designed for the demanding rigours of business life, both in functionality and form factor.

Offering users the same interface as consumer-based Android tablets (running Android 2.3), the ET1 will at once feel both familiar and useful, delivering to enterprise users the enhanced security features and mobile options that the business market has been waiting for, and with its increased durability it’ll be able to handle the physical rigours of daily business life as well.

Further, compatible with Motorola’s new RhoElements framework, it will be easier than ever to develop, design, and launch mobile applications specific to your business needs, and while none of that may be flashy I’m sure no one will be complaining when all of this results in an increase to your bottom line.

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