What Your Neck is trying to Tell You! Introducing HeadsetsDepot.com

by Jeff Wiener on October 24, 2011

That annoying pain, that irritating kink, those tight muscles, your neck is trying to tell you something… it’s time to get a headset.

Over the past year here at Digitcom we have seen an exponential increase in the number of headset inquiries, and being the curious sort that I am, I’ve tried to figure out why. Perhaps it’s some sort of widespread epiphany that using a headset at works frees up both hands; enabling people to type, write, open files, and do other things more easily while on the phone, increasing overall productivity by streamlining the communications process.

Or perhaps the increase in headset sales is health related, as people, especially those who use the phone frequently, have come to realize that holding your head and neck at an angle as you nestle the handset between your shoulder and ear for extended periods of time simply isn’t good for you, resulting in those irritating kinks and tight muscles that continue to plague you long after the work day is over.

Or perhaps it has nothing to do with the office or with your health at all, but with that exorbitantly expensive ticket you’re holding in your hand after being caught talking or texting while driving, bringing you to the realization that it’s not only dangerous and illegal to talk and drive, but more costly than a headset as well.

Whatever the reasons may be, Digitcom has responded to this increased demand, taking the opportunity to improve our stock, the breadth of our offerings, and to open a new website dedicated exclusively to headsets and conference phones.

HeadsetsDepot.com was launched several weeks ago, and since that time our customers and staff have commented on how much easier it is to buy and sell headsets. With only a quick visit (click here) you will find a streamlined website that is easy to navigate with a clear design, plenty of choices, great prices, and informative video explanations. For ease of use we’ve broken the site down into a few key subsections: Wired Headsets, wireless Headsets, cell, PC headsets, and conference phones, with each section offering a wide variety of quality choices that are sure to meet your needs.

My personal favourite for the budget conscious consumer looking for amazing durability (you can actually twist the headset band), quality, sound, and price is either the Sennheiser SH230 (single ear), or SH250 (two ear). If you’re placing an order don’t forget to add the cord for your model of phone. If you have any questions regarding the right cable type you can check out our compatibility guide, click here.

But that’s not all, as we are pleased to offer free shipping on orders over $250. Click here for details.

So, head over to HeadsetsDepot.com. Have a look and let us know what you think.

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