Samsung Ships More Smartphones than Apple in 3rd Quarter

by Yuyutsu Sen on October 31, 2011

The last quarter saw Samsung ship a larger number of smartphones than its rival Apple. There are a few key aspects that helped Samsung achieve this. One of them is the timing of Samsung’s products. The variety in pricing and offerings too has helped Samsung achieve its recent accomplishment. In the 3rd quarter, Apple sold more than 17 million iPhones. This was 3 million less than what was expected. In the same quarter, Samsung shipped 27 million smartphones.

The figures for Apple don’t include iPhone 4S, the latest offering in the market. This is because the device was released only by the end of the quarter. Also, anticipating the arrival of the latest version of the iPhone, people held back from buying its older models. The latest model was released on October 14th. According to Apple, over 4 million units were sold in the 1st weekend of the device’s release. These figures will be added to the holiday quarter’s tally.

An analyst of IHS, a research firm, stated that people were keen to purchase the latest iPhone. According to him, the low numbers in its sales last quarter don’t indicate that Apple has lost its edge all of a sudden. Samsung has had quite a good quarter. The strong sales of the Galaxy phones have played a crucial role in making the latest quarter a good one for Samsung. Nevertheless, the analyst stated that it cannot be deduced that the Galaxy beat the iPhone.

The factor that helped Samsung’s devices best the iPhone is company’s product lines. In addition the Galaxy line, Samsung also has Indulge, Focus, Conquer and Replenish. According to IHS’ estimations, Samsung has sold around 40 models in the 3rd quarter. In comparison, only two models – 4 and 3 GS – were sold by Apple. Samsung typically does not reveal the number of phones it sells. IHS estimates that about 27.3 million of the devices would have been sold in the previous quarter. Another company, Daiwa Securities, has placed the figure at 28 million approximately.

Analysts have warned against interpreting the numbers too much. Nevertheless, these comparisons are likely to interest those in the industry. Their curiosity was piqued after the two companies took their rivalry to the courtroom. According to Apple, the packaging, user interface and product design of the Galaxy are similar to the iPhone and iPad, and that Samsung has copied these elements from Apple’s designs. However, Samsung has retaliated with patent infringement lawsuits against Apple. Based on the lawsuit, the wireless telecommunications technology developed by Samsung has been copied by Apple.

Though Samsung went on to sell more phones than Apple, the latter earned more on each device. This is one of the key reasons Apple is considered the most valuable company (tech) globally. Its market value is thrice that of Samsung’s. The smartphone market in the high-end category is dominated by Apple. Samsung, on the other hand, has product offerings in both expensive and cheap phone categories.

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